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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

OK. I like gone.

I like a dot.

Bye Bye.

I might get the occational post in over the next few weeks... we'll see...

Bon' Voyage.



pointless speculation...

I wonder if The US taking such a stand against the Saudis is gonna have some nasty implications...

Oh my god, it's so big...

Huge Movie Quiz... It definitly isn't lying with its title...

Bonus points if you can tell me what movie the title is from...

This has brightened my morning

Condi is gonna testify

This is good. I can't wait to see how this goes... (It's a damned shame I won't have the internet when it happens though...)

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I would have though

that any syndrome that goes by the name Exploding head Syndrome would be fatal...

Apparently not...

And no, it isn't what that whale had...

Now this just sounds dangerous...

Apparently that Star wars project Mr bush dreamed up is no longer going to be enough.

Isn't that just nice. You pull out of your ballistic missile treaty because, hey, you've been secretly working on a system that can stop missiles. w00t. what do you need a treaty for, fuck you allies, then BAM.

Russia responses in two years. two years!! that is all it has taken for them to counter the multi billion (trillion?) dollar project that even us down in Australia have thrown tax dollars at.

Kinda funny in that 'Oh my god what a waste' kind of way...

It seems that at least once a week...

I'm telling people to go check out an article written by Billmon.

Today is no exception.

Death in the Afternoon.

About time bush got called on this.

When you run on a religeous card, yet your most religeous policies involve 'Keeping faggots from marrying' you're bound to get called up on it.

"What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?" - James 2:14

This is good stuff. Ask the question. What *has* bush done? You gotta keep asking the question. Phrase it as many different ways as possible. Just ask the question. Maybe it will get drummed into people.

Can I just say.

Nothing is scarier that a god damned huntsman dropping in on you while you're in the shower...

Now, back to our regular programming...

Monday, March 29, 2004

Are you any better than four years ago?

It was a simple question that aided Reagan to defeat Carter. Go take a look at the numbers...

What do you think? Are you, any better?
For most Americans in 2004, the simple answer to Ronald Reagan's simple question is “No.” For George W. Bush, it’s not just the numbers that tell the tale; millions of Americans live the harsh reality those numbers describe every day. And like his father and Jimmy Carter before him, George W. Bush will pay the price and find that he, too, is out of a job.

...why is it that when ever I hear the name Jimmy Carter, *all* I can think is, 'Scooby Doo can do do but Jimmy Carter is smarter...'. Damn you the simpsons.

Have you ever heared the one about the whale... and the 'splosion...

poor whale... it go Boom

Now with video...

We're all stars now...

Have you ever wonder what Nine eskimo words for snow were?
How about What does OK stand for?
maybe you wonder What was Barney rubbles job.

Just go visit The straight dope

So many answers to so many pointless questions...

Up Yours, Limors...

ok. I'm gonna try putting on my 'Food critic extrodinaire' hat for a post.

I recently had he pleasure at dining at one of Melbourne most famous resturants, Limors. (Somewhere on Kooyong road...) Though the neon lighting seemed a little tacky, it suprisingly created a luxurious and comfortable feel. I was delighted to find that we would be waitered on for the duration of the evening by the owner himself. What I didn't like was that bit where the owner told my beautiful fiance', Jo, that 'The chef didn't feel like cooking the cheap fish ($30) but she could have the expensive one ($45) if she wants' and then proceeded to mock her at the other end of the table.

Appologies there... allow me to regain my composure... *breathe in...breathe out.* ok. still with me? lets continue.

Now I ordered the 'big bowl of meat' which apparently this place is known for. It is also know for serving sizes that are bigger than my baby... Now that did sound good. Really big servings, made it into the 'Cheap eats' category of some thing that I'm gonna take a guess at now and say was just made up, so you know, it might save some grace. Now, I could eat for a week on the prices that they charge. Seriously, cheap eats my ass. So anyways I want halfies with the guy sitting next to me in the afore mentioned 'Bowl of meat'.

Now I have to say, the big bowl of meat was alright. I definitly could have eaten the thing on my own though but at $45 bucks a pop, I'm not going near that. Jo, on the other hand, not feeling like assorted meat, instead chose the hommus dip with the bread. Now, I don't know... I haven't had a lot of experience with ordering hommus while I'm out, but I have made it a couple of times and I have bought it plenty of times in those little tubs that it comes in, and not one of those times however, has the hommus ever included 'Enough chilli to make it uneatable by everybody at the table'. Now, we are very civil people. This man will definitly get his comuppance.

And he did. It came in the form of 'The Bill'. Now, after the meal, several people our party decided enough was enough, through some money on the table and left. When it came time to pay the bill, turned out that we were severly undercharged and only needed to chip in a mere percentage of what we ate (or in Jo's case, played with)... We there wrote nasty notes on the tableclothe (disposable paper) and were on our way.

So all in all, I will give Limors 2 stars. I believe they need to work on both their culinary skills as well as their social skill. Great value for money though...

P.S: We got to use our saving to take our little girl to the Zoo, that was fun...
P.P.S: The owner of Limors is sleeping with Natasha. (Man, I hope someone who knows what I'm talking about reads this...)

Why don't they pack this thing full of gunpowder and give the guy a six figure salary...

I'm sure thats what he's hoping for after making a flick like This.

I have two questions though...
1. How many of these things has he crashed?
2. Who the hell is the guy in the red and what is he doing?

(ok, so technically that is three questions... bite me.)

Mini golf variant

Ok. This game here will definitly help wittle away at least ten minutes... It can be extremely frustrating...

thanks Scott

Ok, I said I would never start doing the quote thing... however, I'm starting this week off with a quote.

"I believe god is a 13 story wizard, who lives in a mountain... And makes me lose at everything" - Maria Bamford

Update: Lets make that two quotes.

"In closing, my current political stance is Anti-Bad and Pro-Good and so far, Bush seems to be all to the bad. I'm voting for the party with the least former oil barons." - Maria Bamford

Friday, March 26, 2004

I know that my birthday isn't for another six months but...

Can somebody get me one of These?

I saw one of these things in action in that movie... Aliens... and I swear, if I get my hands on one of these things, I would walk around telling *everyone* to 'Stay away from her you bitch'

Trang, you live in Japan, can you get me one? Have you even visited this site? If I don't get a comment I'm gonna be soooooo cranky...


Am I in? I got this whole access to the precious blog thing sent to me ages ago and this would be the first time I've tried it out. Seeings as it's my first effort- I don't see that it has to be very good. Thinking about it that statement seems to be a bit backwards but hey it's friday. Friday damn it! I don't want to be at work on Friday. Who has to actually work on Friday?? It's so lucky I have my punnet of raspberries and the internet to keep me company till lunch.

I don't know what...

a Trunk Monkey is, but their advertising has worked on me.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Ok, fine.

look everyone. No timestamps.

That is all on that subject.

Vampirism, group sex and stockpiles of deadly weapons have been uncovered by a joint investigation between Australia and New Zealand

Look Australia really is exciting...

How much does the bloody Humpback Angler Fish wanna look like a god damn ghoulie (well not the one on the cover... one of the other ones... in part two... or maybe I'm thinking about that other movie... you know, the one with the gate... what's that called again... oh yeah, The Gate. I definitly seen one too many bad horror movies from the 80's...)

Moving right along... I am never ever ever ever swimming in the ocean again. Ever. I don't care if the *are* at the bottom and would prolly 'splode from the pressure (or lack of) if they cause my scent and went for me.

When a male finds a female, he bites into her side, never letting go. "He drinks her blood, in return for giving her sperm," Dr Norman said. The flesh of the two fish eventually fuses "and they remain connected, permanently. It's sexual vampirism, with a bit of dwarfism thrown in. They have found females with up to six males attached."
tee hee hee, that one is a slut...

Time for another pseudomorality question.

OK. picture this.

You are on a train. It is just after peak hour

But you got on at an early stop so you have a seat.

The train is by no definition crowded, however there are no more seats available.

Now, a woman gets on the train.

If you were having trouble identifying whether the woman is pregnant or just... heavy-set what would you do?

Offer her your seat cause hell,
- if she is pregnant, you my friend are a jerk.
- Then again, women get a little peeved when you accuse them of being pregnant...believe me, I know... which could definitly end in pain.
or, do you keep the seat,
- again, if she is pregnant, she could always just ask for a seat, most are happy to give them up.
- Hell, even if she wasn't pregnant I would give up my seat to anybody who asked...

So, what would you do?

Haven't you ever dreamed...

of owning a giant magnifying glass that you can then use on a cities inhabitants?

Well now you can.

What do you mean you never dreamed of that?

(Thanks Leeann)

This site really interests me

The concept of challenging usability...

I like

It makes things surprisingly fun.

Homeland Security

The Board Game

A fun little game that should be played by the whole family.

Make me happy I live in Australia.

not... blogrolling...

waaah, why don't I keep a copy of my blogroll somewhere else...

hmmm, um, I think one of them had something to do with whistling lips... whistlinglips.com perhaps? (Actually, I'm not even gonna test that URL, not at work anyways...)

um... and that gamey game one... you know the one, with that guy, and the fortitude roll...

ah well, I'll survive...

I love the Google Translator thingy

It lets you understand such cute little stories like This

awww, Kawaii...

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I've been way too busy today.

Go and read this Here. I couldn't have put this better myself.

A shout out to the people...

Ok, some of you, (ok all of you) haven't yet heard about my upcoming vacation... woo, vacation

with minimal to no internet access... waaah, no internet...

Now, on that note, I'm gonna be needing some of you special people to give me a hand in making sure this here blog doesn't become a boring heap of nothing while I'm gone...

Yep, you heard me. Who wants the keys...

Someone out there has got to want to keep this thing warm for me while I'm gone...

Shoot me an email if ya wanna help a guy out... I'll be ya best friend...

What is best in life?

To crush your enemies! To have them driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women...

So, I'm curious and haven't heard anything in the news over here recently, how is Arnold doing?

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

hhmmm... interesting

According to this Snopes article, the Madrid bombing occured exactly 911 days after 9/11...

Does that mean the next 'splosion is gonna happen on the 16th of January 2005 ?

525 Reasons to dump bush

I think the title says it all.

This was in the comments over at Karens place.

I hate it when your post doesn't post and your browser closes itself...

Not cause you pushed that little x in the top right hand corner or anything...

Moving on, let me try to recompile the last post.

Look, you can view your website in IE, Firefox and Opera Here woo, great.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could do the same thing but for a Mac...
Oh, I'm silly, I didn't read the post properly, look you can do it for Macs here...
Man aren't I silly.
Thanks Melissa
damn, it looks like I get an error in Opera... pfft.

O.k, that there is the cut down, pissed off and cynical version... Damn you Firebird. I'll upgrade you yet...

To the people of the world

Who may or may not want to get their geek on...

I give you This little utility.

This lets you view what your site looks like in IE, Firefox 0.8 and Opera...

Now all I need is it to show me what it looks like on a Mac and I might be able to make Karen happy from so long ago...

Thanks Melissa. Always so full of geeky geeky goodness...

Update: hmmm, look like I get a scripting error in Opera... d'oh.

Update 2: Hey, if I actually read
her entry correctly, This here does it for Safari...

I was told this morning that

apparently, around the world, trees have started to expel Carbon... now that is definitly an oh-no

Well there seems to be a lot of studies going on with trees (Hey who woulda thought...)

This one here seems to be pointing to the fact that trees simply don't process as much Carbon as previously thought. Simply saying, if we keep doing what we are doing, we will all die... (Yeah, I'm lookin' at you US, don't think that we are much better though...)

Now This story looks like what I was told about. It also seems to be the best damned case to clear cutting old growth forests I've ever read... Scrwe you old trees, we want those nubile young spritely trees... Now as far as that whole global warming = trees goin' all cuckoo and backwards and stuff... eeep.

Wow, you miss one day and suddenly...

Israel go 'spode some guy in a wheelchair... ohhh, big guys. Well done fellas, a wheel chair.

3 Missile Vs a wheelchair...

Then you go and realise that this guy in a wheelchair is the leader of Hamas... uh oh

"This is a crazy and very dangerous act. It opens the door wide to chaos. Yassin was known for his moderation and he was controlling Hamas..." - Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie.

Why do I get the feeling that this is going to get a lot worse...

"The battle is open and war between us and them is open. They are the killers of prophets and today they killed an Islamic symbol. It's a war on Islam..." - Senior Hamas political leader Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi

So much for that road map...

Friday, March 19, 2004


My Nation is a barren, inhospitable landscape...

Damn you strip-mining, I thought we compromised!!!

Coomprooooo.... miiiiiised.

Remember that story...

About the mother who saw her daughter after 6 years and said 'That my daughter' and they got a DNA test and it *was* her daughter and they lived happily ever after...

Well apparently it was a lot more sortid that my above comment made it out to be.

Go have a read...

So many twists, crossed stories, lies, affairs, AWOL pilots... no wait, I'm thinking 'bout Bush *Ba-dum*.

8 years old...

What the hell would be going through the head of an 8 year old who thinks Shooting and Stabbing the classmate for teasing them is a good idea.

Seriously, and don't give me shit and tell me that it is because of Janets fucking nipple. No, as always, when kids get into some serious funk, I'm blaming their parents. Where the fuck did you kids get a fucking gun from? You could have ruined that little girls life, her families life. You could of and possible have ruined the life of your children. What the fuck are you doing?

Fucking hell. Reading this sort of shit make me want to home-school my little girl.

Ah great, here we go

This is gonna bring the nutbags out from that little cupboard under the stairs that they so frequently frequent.

OMG... Aliens...

Yeah. Sure. And ya know what... we get them too... call them shooting stars.

Yep. It's all coming together...

I hope they use This technology when they start implanting phones in people...

Sign me up Doc.

Another on their way out.

Poland are threatening to leave the Coalition.

And I for one don't blame them... It is one thing to lie to and decieve ones people, it's not like the people can just walk away. (Not in any great numbers anyways...), funny thing is though, when done on a international scale, countries can.

The whole premise of the war was WMD's. The rest of the world hasn't forgotten this, even if certain sort sighted reporters have. You throw all the free trade agreements you want Mr bush, it won't help cover that fact that you lied and even now, innocent people are being killed from your actions.

Man I hope Australia walks away before it's too late.

Rhea County - Home of the bigot

DAYTON, Tennessee (AP) -- The county that was the site of the Scopes "Monkey Trial" over the teaching of evolution is asking lawmakers to amend state law so the county can charge homosexuals with crimes against nature.

The Rhea County commissioners approved the request 8-0 Tuesday.
I spose when consider that they hold an annual festival commemorating the 1925 trial at which John T. Scopes was convicted of teaching evolution, that it doesn't surprise me that they are a little backwards with the times, a little conservative if you will...

Still, preaching such hate, doesn't that go hand in hand with the whole preaching evolution thing... or perhaps the whole don't go killing people thing... I dunno, seems a little hypocritical to me.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Posing as a ten year old...

and sending a letter to every Senator asknig for their favorite jokes.

Funny stuff.

Not surprisingly, 85% of senators didn't reply however, I'm real impressed that This Guy did.

The 'kid' wasn't even of voting age and yet, he still took time out for him.

I reckon he'll make a fine president. One who cares for the people.

:O You don't response with "which one"

Expectially when the question asked was an allegation of fondling young boys...

Stupid fuck. I'm glad he will be imprisioned.

Ha. If it's not illegal in your country...

Outsource it to Sweden.

I think this is excellent. I believe that stem cell research herald a lot of huge benefits to mankind.

President Bush has forbidden the use of federal funds to manipulate or create human embryos for research and limited scientific research to a few existing batches of cells taken from fertility clinic leftovers.
...and yet...
The Pentagon has granted $240,000 to a Swedish team for embryonic stem-cell research
...tee hee...

I wonder how true this is...

CAIRO (Reuters) - A group claiming to have links with al Qaeda said on Wednesday it was calling a truce in its Spanish operations to see if the new Madrid government would withdraw its troops from Iraq, a pan-Arab newspaper said.
The statement said it supported President Bush in his reelection campaign, and would prefer him to win in November rather than the Democratic candidate John Kerry, as it was not possible to find a leader "more foolish than you (Bush), who deals with matters by force rather than with wisdom."
Now that is a slogan Bush should run with.

Bush 04: Choice president of terrorists everywhere.
Bush 04: Terrorists want it, they can't be bad.
Bush 04: Cause I deal with matter by force, not wisdom.

The scary thing is that that last one will prolly get the man more votes...

Update: And I spose it prolly helps to Add the damned link

If you don't read Billmon...

You really should be...

The parallel with late imperial Germany is striking. Under Kaiser Wilhelm I and his prime minister, Otto von Bismark, the Hohenzollerns went from strength to strength -- unifying the Reich, decisively defeating their ancient enemy, France, enjoying an industrial boom that made Germany the largest economy in Europe. Bismark's diplomatic skills promoted German influence while avoiding (after 1870) war.

Wilhelm II, however, was a different sort of emperor -- insecure and arrogant, inept as a strategist but intolerant of criticism or dissent. He quickly rid himself of Bismark, and embarked on a program of military expansion and aggressive, if erratic, diplomatic bluster. Germany, he proclaimed, must have its place in the sun.
This is a big read, but definitly well worth it.

Everybody. Go. Read.

This game is so much fun...

Man. I'm not gonna get anything done...

My Nation, Xade

The Rogue Nation of Xade is a tiny, socially progressive nation, renowned for its burgeoning walking bird population. Its compassionate, intelligent population of 5 million enjoy extensive civil freedoms, particularly in social issues, while business tends to be more regulated.

The large government concentrates mainly on Social Welfare, although Healthcare and Education are on the agenda. The average income tax rate is 24%. A very small private sector is led by the Arms Manufacturing industry, followed by Beef-Based Agriculture and Book Publishing.

Crime is relatively low. Xade's national animal is the walking bird and its currency is the ka-blingie.
Apparently my peace loving Rouge Nation is into Arms Manufacturing... I'll have to see if I can crush that...

Update: So far I've made voting compusory and I made cloning human embryos legal... woo. Go Rogue Nation.

Hey look, I can Link straight to my Nation Woo. And there will be a prize going out to however can correctly translate my nations motto.

Look at him sweat...

I love MoveOn...

Rummy. Lying, Deceptive Bastard. Proof.

(Bill. Thanks.)

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I wonder if an shit will hit the fan with this story.

The Bush Administration is being investigated for producing “ready made” television news packages in which actors were paid to pose as journalists, it emerged today.
But Federal investigators have launched an investigation into whether the adverts were “propaganda”, amid allegations that they were an attempt to “manipulate the press”.
Bill Kovach, chairman of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, told the newspaper that the Government-made “news” items were “the next thing to fraud”.

“It’s running a paid advertisement in the heart of a news program,” he said.
If they don't get screwed on this issue, I don't think they will ever get screwed. Seriously, manipulating the media in such a direct manner... sounds kinda...illegal.

Maybe next they could run a story about a boy who is all excited cause bush saved his life in an ol' fashioned western shootout. Or about the time that georgie pulled a kitten out of a tree. Maybe they could run a story about the time that george proved to the world that he didn't go AWOL. He could have a whole heap of 'experts' standing around in glasses looking at offical looking documents while nodding and saying 'hoom'. That would be believable. I should be part of the spin doctors.

'Princes, do ba do do baby, just go ahead now...'

(And I hope at least one person gets that last joke... I'm not just wierd, I swear it.)

I love the name of the link. Cross Guy.

It kinda makes this story sound like an innocent little story about a guy who got a little bit cranky, you know? a little bit cross.

Well apparently, it isn't it is about a guy who thought he saw god in his computer and god told him to crucify himself.

If this thought ever crossed my mind, the first thing I would think is 'How the fuck do I nail in the second hand...'. Well, apparently he didn't think about that either and when he did think about it, ended up calling 911 for a little assistance in the matter.

My god, people are stupid.

lil Johnny has his own blog. d'yall know that?

Mark is also lame 'cause he's anti-American 'cause he hasn't supported having a free-trade deal with America yet. Being anti-American is totally un-Australian, 'cause un-Australian people suck and if you don't like America then you don't like Australia, so you suck. That's what George says, and he'd know, 'cause he owns the country. America, that is, not Australia. Not yet, anyway, but we're working on it. America is such a cool place, 'cause like, in Australia people follow me round with cameras and stuff and some people are mean to me 'cause they don't like things I've done, but when I'm in America, everyone just treats me like a regular person. They all act like they don't know me from a bar of soap, which is heaps nice of them. They know better than to take pictures of me or annoy me when I'm jogging, 'cause Americans are used to being around celebrities. Though some of them take it a bit far by saying, "Australia? Where's that?" Anyway, this free trade deal will mean more American TV, more American movies, and more American products, so we can all become more American! And when people are more American, they'll be less un-Australian.
It's funny funny stuff. Go have a look-see

Wow. How did it know so much about me.

I love web-quizzes. Personally I don't care much for others results, hence me not posting any of mine.

I will however point you to This little quiz. It was pretty accurate... specially its last comment.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

A little morality test for my many many many many (ok, 3 or 4) readers

Time for a little group participation, you know, the part of the show where no-one ends up leaving a comment and then I slink off into a dark corner and sob uncontrolable cause nobody like me...

Actually, what I have is a question.

If you were given an incorrect amount of change (Say a $20 or $50 note instead of a $10), would you give it back?

Are there conditions on which you would keep it or return it?

For example, I wouldn't mand keeping the $10/$40 dollars if I got it from a KFC or a Coles or something but if it was one of those little Mum and Dad corner stores, I would definitly give it back.

They're just my thoughts. What are yours?

So they almost got him hey...

apparently, France almost caught Bin Laden.

Man, wouldn't that have gotten up the nose of anybody that has used the words 'Freedom fries', and not in the context of bagging people who use the words 'Freedom fries'.

Those cowardly French doing what the inerrable Americans can't. Course, they fucked it anyways so pfft, this is yesterdays news.

I wonder if they will blame video games...

for This little incident.

Now if you ask me, I blame the parents... Though I'm sure it's more than just that, it always is more...

Damn this game.

Tower Blaster

Build that little tower. Crush those vikings...

'We're almost there'... I hate it when they say that. Damn them.

I couldn't have written my thoughts any better...

So I'm just gonna link directly to Billmon
Here and Then Here.

This is a huge event. It is proof that Al Qaeda have the power to change word events. The power to drive Americas allies away. All I can really say to this is that I'm not looking forward to November at all, Not for Australias election... Not for Americas. (Though I would love to see a world where right sided warmongers are been kicked out on their arses.)

Yep. This, definitly funny.


So. Much. Bad language...

How could you ever go wrong with a wierd lookin' cat thing that swears everywhere...

This is my new favorite animated flash cartoon. (except for Strong Bad of course...)

(tank ya Mellies...)

Monday, March 15, 2004

I'm just gonna jump up and down and say

Diebold are SCUM

Seriously, 73 Million kazuts just to put printer in there voting machines to get a bit of accountablility... I spose if the machines were accountable, then the GOP wouldn't be able to pay them money to fix sponser the next election.

You know what really rubs it in though, these machines ALREADY HAVE PRINTERS IN THEM. Talk about screwing over the people.

Now consider this,
- Diebold wants their machines to be unaccountable.
- The CEO of Diebold, Walden O'Dell is a contributor to the Bush re-election campain
- These machine can be hacked.

Now, it doesn't take a genius to put pieces together. He supports George Bush to the tune of his time and $100,000. He has the power to change the outcome of elections.


Can everybody say 'Conflict of interest'?

Here is a nicely writen piece on the subject, Here is another.
(linkage via Cringley)

OK, so these days

Planes land on the back of trucks...

This sounds like a movie I saw once... I don't think the article mentioned anything about the plane being called 'NightPlane, the Crime Solving Plane', but I'm sure that it was...

Ok everyone, put on your good cause hats

Cause today is

Eat and animal for PETA day.

mmmm, first I'm gonna get me some chicken... then I might move to a fuller, more rounded meat...

PETA can really get on my nerves. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for animals, I love them to bits, I don't agree with hunting for sport, hunting for fashion, cosmetic testing but the demonstrations PETA put on aren't winning them any fans. There are only so many times you can be 'Extreme', 'Far-over' vandals and expect anyone to care.

'Look, PETA threw paint at people again, pfft'. I would like to see more constructive measures taken. Buy some TV time, do things properly, people just don't respond to 'Extreme' anymore...

Who woulda thought

That me shaving my hair would be worth over $1,000 to the people in my office. It was a good cause. I'm glad to have been a part of it.

For those people offended by bad language, tune out now...

Mother fucking cunt pussy lick tit fuck bitch face.

These are the word I would NEVER have expected to come out of the mouth of J.D, the lovable doctor in Scrubs...

Check out him, and an assortment of other celebs telling the world their favorite swear-words Here

tee hee hee, It's JD, and he's cussin'...

Law and Order

I don't know why but of late I have really been getting sucked in by these stupid 'Crime' shows... Which is why I'm so impressed with this little web site.

It randomly generate story lines for law and order and with quality episodes like this
A dead drug dealer is discovered in a parking ramp by a hardened cleaning crew. Lenny and Curtis initially pin the crime on the too-obvious lover of the person, but after a wrongfully accused prisoner is freed, they arrest a misguided gang member. McCoy and Kincaid prosecute, but McCoy must let Kincaid prosecute to win. The old DA calls a press conference and says "That's the way the ball rolls." William Shatner guest stars.
How can you lose?

Friday, March 12, 2004

This is sick.

I don't understand people.

This makes me so upset, I'll catch you all on Monday.

Now This game is gonna take up way too much of my time


I love games. 'specially games where you are competing with others... (even if I have never finished a round in the top half of the board...)

I didn't expect it to be an actual Bear Attack

Ever though it is called BearAttack.mpg...

I hope the woman was OK.

Ha. My lady, she is funny no...

Ha! I have proven the mystery. Without a doubt
there is a GOD!! All that watching evangelical con artists last night must
have been sending the right messages upstairs brother! **A WOMAN WITH NOSE
was part of an email I just recieved... heh heh heh... that Benny Hinn guy, What a joker.

And todays daily nutbag is

Ted Jesus Christ GOD.

From CEO of Quest Systems Corporation to the Messiah in 7 easy years...

The Third Testament is quite amusing. Quite a bit more to the point as well...

Chapter 7

1 The Spiritual LightSide are into having sex in the bath tub.

2 The Spiritual LightSide are NOT into having sex in the spa.

3 The Spiritual LightSide are NOT into having sex in the pool.

4 The Spiritual LightSide are NOT into having sex in public places.

5 The Spiritual LightSide do NOT like to go to public spas for sex.
But my personal favorite: Chapter 6: 32 The Spiritual LightSide are into saying 'Oh God' during Intimacy and Sex and Love Making and especially during orgasms. The Spiritual LightSide believe in giving God credit for these good feelings!

Yep. he sounds legit...

Such a cute idea...

Smittens. aawww

How could these things not sell, specially with days like valentines.

Jo, can you get us some of these?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I want one

there's gotta be some funky mojo going on in the waters to create something like This.

Although I reckon there would be a market for these things, I mean hell, I would love to own my very own 3 headed frog. Even if it was just a commemorative 3 headed frog action figure, or plush toy...

You can all thank Les for this one... He seemed to think that it is god...

Invade Canada

I'm sure Bush would be able to drum up enough false hysteria to Invade Canada.

Maybe he could call it a pre-emptive strike cause Canada have been sitting on WMD for a while now... blah blah blah...

Damn you Australia...

Why the hell don't we have TiVo? I've heard so many good things about it.

Man, I want it so bad... I want to pause and rewind TV. I don't care if it means 'they' know what I'm watching... how else would 'they' suggest and tape other shows that I 'might' want to watch.

World's greatest shave for a cure Day

Tomorrow, Friday the 12th, (Just to clarify that cause I don't think that tomorrow is the 12th over there in the states...) is Shave for a cure day.

Now, I think it is just an Aussie thing so it should prolly be called Australias greatest shave for a cure day, but that is beside the point...

Now, the basic premise of this day is people 'sponsering' other people to shave off their hair or to dye it (blue or red), then all the money goes to Luekaemia research.

Well I'm shaving my hair, YaY, now considering that my hair almost touches my nipples, I think that this is worth a couple of bucks ('specially to my employers, man, they would love to see it come off). So I'm hoping that this all goes well, I'll let you all know if I manage to raise the 'reserve' price for me to cut it all off...

(Just a little secret, you know, between you and me, There is no reserve, but if people think that there is, makes them a little more... generous... if you get my drift.)

Woo, look, I posted something...

I hate being sick, 'specially where it keeps me from my precious internet.

Such a void of fun, news and entertainment... lousy being sick...

And on a seperate note, I checked my referer logs this morning,

From Google, search for: 'Where can I find a picture of monkey with blue balls and a red penis'


Friday, March 05, 2004

AMEX Black.

Man I wish I was rich enough to be offered one of These.

Though I spose if I was rich enough to get one of these, I wouldn't really need any of the benefits they throw in, I would be too busy rolling round in a room full of money going 'tee hee, he hee tee, hee hee'. Well that, or I would have a virtual world made up for me, one that would allow me to virtually roll around in a room full of money...

Pyscho Pong

This is trickier than it looks.
But do you think it is cheating in level 2 if you hold the mouse upside-down?

Update: That's it. I quit. Level 5 is impossible...

Oh my god... JEBUS!!

It's Jebus. and he's in a cloud...


Start the day off with something sad

Dr. Catherine Hamlin has been helping women with in Ethiopia with this for 50 years now, 50 years, thats such a long time. Sadly enough, she will be stepping aside soon, but I think she will be remembered and loved for many years to come.

“To meet only one of these mothers is to be profoundly moved. Mourning the stillbirth of their only baby, incontinent of urine, ashamed of their offensiveness, often spurned by their husbands, homeless, unemployable except in the fields, they endure, they exist, without friends, without hope. They bear their sorrows in silent shame. Their miseries, untreated, are utterly lonely and lifelong.”
Drs. Reginald and Catherine Hamlin, 1974
If you have anything to spare This is an excellent cause.


(And on a seperate not... is it just me or does Fistula sound like the title of a really bad porn?)

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Monkey Update


My Monkeys just levelled the record with 13 letters matching...

My god, my CPU needs to get a life... such a waste.

Update: Having just checked to see if 13 was still the record, I was shocked to see that it was now 14... :( poor poor monkies... will they never win...

Wellity wellity wellity...

David Kay, the man who led the CIA's postwar effort to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, has called on the Bush administration to "come clean with the American people" and admit it was wrong about the existence of the weapons.

In an interview with the Guardian, Mr Kay said the administration's reluctance to make that admission was delaying essential reforms of US intelligence agencies, and further undermining its credibility at home and abroad.
Well, can I have a show of hand as to how many people believe that ShrubCo will do this?


There is way to much to be lost. I'm sure that there are voters out there that still believes that Iraq had/has WMD's. It really wouldn't suprise me.

Story at the Guardian

...There's nothing like seeing a public figure admit that they were wrong... I hope that if he does, that he uses the words Freeance and Peance, I love that soundbite

Risk taking

Well, according to This article, as long as I don't get Heart Disease, or cancer, I can be as crazy as I want...

Apparently I have a 1 in 716,010 chance of Dying from a spider bite... well, that doesn't mean I'm not gonna squeal like a little girl every time I see one.

Nuclear Fusion

Man if these guys have actually pulled off nuclear fusion... the effects will be enormous, just think. Cheap, renewable power.
No more need for Oil. Sorta makes the Iraq war a waste...
And just think of what it would do to the global economy...
Just enormous.

Although no one has tried repeating the latest work, Lee Riedinger, deputy director for science and technology at Oak Ridge, says that, it went through an "extraordinary level of review" before being accepted for publication by Physical Review E.
The fact that it actually got published means that the proof has to be there, sorta like the boy crying wolf, but instead of letting the little kid get eaten by the wolf, they instead got him to point it out.

I love the Far Side

and this game over at Worth 1000 is great.
With gems like this on it

How could you not love it...

Brought to my attention by Les

Goodbye Enetation.

Heeeeello Blogback.

Thanks Mileah and inadvertently, Karen.

Now lets hope this Blogback fellow doesn't F up like Enetation, or CommentThis...

Maybe I should just sit down and write my own, it couldn't be too hard could it...

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Where is Salam?

: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 ::

salam i was trying to call your phones all the day long, i hope u didnt die in the karbala explosions

I'm coming back to baghdad next week
:: raed 1:05 AM [+] ::
This would be a very sad day. Salam is a true hero.

Demon Balls

Any game with the title Demon Balls is a winner in my books...

Just remember, on that first level the blue balls *snigger* have to be on the left, the red balls on the right. It doesn't work the other way round... :'(

The Truth about Drugs, Drunkenness & Peer Pressure.

"One day my wife and I were on a three day cocaine binge..." - Narrator guy
And this story is a common occurence with people who experiment with drugs - they get married to columbian drug lords and get poisoned in a conspiricy between their wives and their wives ex-boyfriends... sure.

"Just try to stay out of jail ok" - The black kid talkin' to his dad.
Don't ya just love that the womanising, abusive, irresponsible father is the black guy...

"Jesus will take you just the way you are, and He'll change you" - To the gay fellow
Yeah, thats the spirit, he doesn't love you, he loves what he can turn you into, I can tell you, I would never enter into a relationship in which I wasn't loved for who I am. But then hey, thats just me.

"And since public school students have been taught that we evolved from apes, many of them have started behaving liike apes"
Yes. Cause I was taught evolution theory, I hang out in trees and throw my feces at people for fun.

I must say, The Truth for Youths is a wonderful read, it's got preachy goodness and lots of people getting judged... Amen.

Apparently I fail the Third Grade...

Well, I got 14

Most of them were either from the South or on the West Coast. Lousy East side with all their little states...


I got a new kitten the other day. He is so cute. He is a little ginger number that goes by the name of 'Hey Jupiter'. The lazy bugger sleeps at least 18-20 hours in a day. He is way too cute.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Allow me to paraphrase

Mr Howard

"I have no apologies to make for our decision. If I had my time over again, I would have taken the same decision,"
"But as you read my principal addresses ... I also placed very heavy reliance on the importance of the American alliance."

'If I had to do it again, then I would, I mean hell, they promised free trade agreements. Sure, they screwed last time we talked trade, and sure they only screwed us a little bit this time, but hell. Intelligence be damned, partner...'

My god, what a tool.

A Giant Wooden Penis...

Hey This place is really close to my house... (On a world scale anyways...)

Who would have thought our laws were so draconian. I kinda makes me want to get one of those Stone Lion gargoyle thingies and attached a huge paper-mache penis to it, well that or some paper-mache boobies...

I could only imagine the amount of 'Woody' Joke these guys have heared recently.

Warning: The pictures are a little bit Gross.

I am now able to perceive magnetic fields in ways not naturally possible. The sensation is different than holding a magnet, as the neurons are stimulated with a higher resolution. With the implant I can detect subtle changes in polarity and strength that I cannot when equipped with a magnet in the conventional manner. Yet the most significant observations have come from another property of implants, their relative permanence to exogenous artifacts. Being able to perceive magnetic fields has expanded my conscious perception of magnetic fields ‘in the wild’.
If it weren't for those pesky pictures at the top, I would definitly want to do This.

Though I spose there would be negitives to it, I mean, picking up a floppy disk and BAM. bye bye floppy. I don't know what it would do to you mobile phone reception. Still, it would be an interesting experience to 'feel' magnetic pulses that are within yet invisible to our world.

Is it strange...

...To be riding a bike that has antlers attached to the handle bars and assorted doll limbs attached to the rest of it? Yeah, thats what I though. But I wasn't gonna tell him.

I wish I had my camera with me.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Man, The 70's were funny

I can't believe that there was ever and era where you could squeeze This much inuendo into a kids show.

Now, lets all pull out our twangers and play with our balls.

ahaha, I love Mr. Gruff...

I saw this This last year... I'm still trying to figure out if it is satire or not.

Anyone got any idea?

And can somebody please get me some coffee.

Cruel and Unusual

My god, if I had to listen to Bruce Springsteen 24 hours a day I would gouge my eyes out with my torn of ear lobes. Seriously, how could this not constitute as Cruel and Unusual? Can you say the words 'Sleep deprivation'. Why didn't you just put them in a tank of water so they had to keep there head above and not sleep? at least then they wouldn't have had the stifling heat to deal with.

And they never got charged with ANYTHING. 2 years of their life was stolen. I wonder if any compensation will be in order? I know that my time is worth money, I know that if I was locked in a cell and made to listen to The Boss, that I would suffer from mental anguish, that me being gone for 2 years would have a profound effect on my career, my wife, my daughter, and with America being the litigation capital of the world, you would think they would try to jump the gun to avoid being sued... they do have deep pockets. I mean hey, $1 trillion, $1.0001 trillion in debt, whats the diff.

American Summer Time.

"The capture of the al-Qaida leader was made some time ago, but Bush is intending to announce it at the time of the American presidential election," the report claimed.
I wonder if this will prove to be true. I mean it will be way to convienent if Bush pulls out Osama in the American Summer time.

Still, you have to wonder where They got there information from... I guess we will find out if the 'Catch' him in the American Summer Time.

Update: Well, this story even made it to Our little continent maybe it does have some legs...