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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hello friends and students of you all.

How are we today? It's been a while since I saw you all here.

And you're all here.

Even you, hiding at the back there. Yeah, you, no, the other guy. Yeah. you.

G'day. :D

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So, how's the world been keeping? the world's bit of a strange place don't you think?

I mean, subliminal messages everywhere.

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But only if you know where to look.

ha! I linked to the N-word. How is that going these days? Upper management still running the masked orgies? tript? can you hook a brother up? ;) Or has it all gone down hill from when I was running the show? *cough*notthatIwaseverrunninganyshow*cough* *waves hand*, you did not hear anything. ;)

Actually, I linked them for a reason. Just recently, I met a former cammer in a non-cam medium.

Apparently, he noticed a colleage at his new job that looked suprisingly like a person posted on Jo's blog.

To be honest, I think he's the guy that's been stalking me.

Did you know I've been getting stalked? yep, suuuuure am... *ahem*

five. 82319749-44-59230781
Anyways, it's not all strange I spose, some of it is quite cool.

Like this thing. You could zoom forever on this thing... But they're missing out, seriously, imagine this technology combined with advertising?

It would be the next MILLION DOLLAR WEB PAGE


hmmmm, maybe I could steal the source code somehow... anyone care to look up whether or not it's an open source project? I'm much to lazy... :D

Get back to me, thanks mate. *hi-five*!


At 26/5/06 13:01, Blogger Tript said...

despite being the first masked mug to appear on the website, I know cos the freaky soke thing was my party trick before I quite the smoke smoke, I have no affiliation to the universe of N, nor would I if you paid me.

At 26/5/06 14:22, Blogger xade said...

c'mon... as the original guinea pig(TM), I think I deserve more than that... ;)

At 27/5/06 23:13, Anonymous d said...

Whats with you and pie??? and yes I know i spelt it wrong.

Is this a plan to conquer?? Caus you remember what happened last time.

At 29/5/06 22:28, Anonymous xade said...

mmm pie... I've made a few references to it recently.

The whole relationship between a circle and a straight line tha can never be mapped is fasinating.

At 4/6/06 00:48, Blogger brandelion said...

i prefer blueberry.

At 6/6/06 16:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did somebody say the N word?

You are such as tease.

- Shemyaza

At 7/6/06 13:20, Blogger xade said...

Blue... berry? :D

ha! see, just mentioning the word brings 'em out of the woodworks... :d

Heya shem.

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