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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

So, what is it about telephones?

I mean, you can't tally a phone can you?

And Chocolate bunnies, yanno, I mean, what is the deal with *them* hey?

And Paris Hilton, you ever notice that she looks the same in every picture?

And named pipes? What's the deal with them? I mean, are they named named pipes? or do they have some other name? and if they don't, then they aren't really named at all.

Though I wonder if one is named bill...

And what is the deal with This guy. Seriously, you tried really hard mate, you did. You spent lots of time on it and it looks real good. But it's not photo realistic. near-photo realistic maybe? but not quite. Kinda like Gnocchi. It is nots the pastas, its the potatos...


At 18/4/06 18:12, Blogger Tript said...

If you ever quote the Ronnie Johns half hour ever again I'll kill you myself, I don't care if you have children.

That abomination signalled everything that's wrong with Australian TV.

Don't even quote it as a joke.

love Tript/

At 19/4/06 14:58, Blogger xade said...

C'mon guy, the fact that you get the joke says something... ;)

But yanno sometimes, a show get be *so* wrong that it become right...

I believe Ronnie hits that mark on the head. Then throws up on it, then hi-fives a muslim, follows it up with some other un-PC business and then goes on it's merry-fuckin' way...

ya see?

At 20/4/06 00:57, Blogger Tript said...

no, I'm blind to it,
if chopper impressions and Sydney humour is funny then I'm completely fucked.
I'm all for un-PC fun but kicking someone in the nuts isn't funny.
(in this case)

If you want brilliant sick comedy look at these:

its fucking shakespeare compared to johns.
a personal favourite:

if you want the dvd it can be arranged.
I'm changing this schtick one person at a time.

At 20/4/06 10:29, Blogger xade said...

"but kicking someone in the nuts isn't funny. "

Nope... ya just lost me... ;)

(Though I'll still check out those links when I get the chance... ;) )

At 23/4/06 01:40, Blogger Hamish said...

You can tell that he started that picture from right to left and just got lazy at the end.

At 29/4/06 21:45, Blogger brandelion said...

on Paris: that's her "good" side. every celebrity has one. they're doled out at the Paparazzi office along with a license to wear trashy clothing, a custom set of dental caps to cover any unsightly teeth, and a bag. i don't know what's in the bag. the Paparazzi office is where celebrity hopefuls line-up to get their pictures taken for print media. it's similar to a passport office for civilians, but with a much greater degree of designer shoes involved.

and a lower intelligence quotient, though that's sometimes debateable. hey, did somebody say something about kicking someone in the nuts? heh heh, man that's funny!

At 1/5/06 13:41, Blogger xade said...

wait... wasn't her "good" side only visible with one of those green see-in-the-dark things?

wait... did I say that aloud?

At 15/5/06 14:10, Blogger johana said...

Why would that guy bother with putting reflections on the windows of the train in the distance when the red brick building looks like it's carved out of one enormous red brick?

And what were you doing looking up Paris anyway? Huh?

*me raises an eyebrow at you*



At 15/5/06 14:12, Blogger xade said...

they're all good questions, I assure you... ;)


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