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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wow... The crazy bastard..

Went gone and done it!

He's released his C.D onto the public.

And it can be yours - $15.00 - (Plus a couple of bucks my way as a finders fee... ;), Don't hate the playa ;)

In case, you have no idea who Lester Norton is, here's his official brand spankin' site.


The nerve! Sheesh... ;)

Now, as the Australian representative, pr guy, marketing director, roadie, door bitch, dealer and tour manager, I feel it is my responsiblity to ensure that this thing takes off in this country, so I'm making it a challenge.

If you read this blog. Post about this C.D. ;)

I will be checking. There will be a test. No, the test will not include monkies. Yes you can bring in a calculator, not is cannot be a graphics calculator, there will be no talking to your neighbour, and simulated sexual acts and strickly forbidden, especially during the oral section of said exam, pants however, are optional.

That is all.


At 24/3/06 05:26, Blogger Solonor Rasreth said...

Hey, if I didn't laugh at your banana shortage, who would? Hmm?

At 26/3/06 11:48, Anonymous bran said...

i would. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! you gots no bananas, HA HA!

At 27/3/06 13:57, Blogger xade said...

*blink*... but...


we have no bananas. No bananas today...

At 8/4/06 21:56, Blogger Hamish said...

You should consider youself lucky that you're not a monkey.

Y'know, you'd be forced to get off your lazy monkey ass and learn to cook instead of eating bananas all day.

But you're not a monkey so it really doesn't matter.

At 13/4/06 03:36, Blogger brandelion said...

wait -- he's NOT a monkey?
well, perhaps not a monkey, but simian surely.


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