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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A quick question for you... sort of...

A glimpse of infinity.
A relationship that can never be precisely mapped.
Straight lines become circles only at infinity.

What am I?

hmmm, I was going to talk about what brought me to that question, but then that would give away the answer, wouldn't it... :P

So instead, lets talk about bananas.

And more precisely... We, have no bananas... no bananas... today... *sniff*

no, really! no bananas!

80% of the Australian crop gone.

Just like that, we have no banana, no bananas today.

With it being illegal to import bananas.

I've heard that it could take up to 4 years for the banana industry to get back up and running, how wierd would it be though for Bu?

Growing up in a world where the banana is a "luxury" fruit and not an everyday in your lunchbox fruit!

Strange days people. Very strange.


At 9/4/06 21:49, Anonymous d said...


Just to spoil everybodys fun.


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