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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What's the best thing about doing 28 year olds?

Moving on from that subject heading.

It was a wonderful thing. The miners got out.

woo for them. Seriously, a kilometer under ground. Man, couldn't imagine it.

Anyways, that's not what I'm griping about.

Channel 10, that paradigm of good decision making, decided to run with "Escaping the mine: live" all morning yesterday.

All. Morning.

Never mind that they got out at 5am and were home before I woke up. No, channel ten was there, cameras blaring: oh, I think we can see a hairy ass through the window that might be moving. Zoom in boys, it's paydirt.

But not just that. They replaced Jimmy Neutron for this shit.

Now, I'm not really a Jimmy Neutron fan, but I have been curious to find out how him and his friends would escape those evil brain things... never mind, I'll turn in today and find out...



They just skipped the episode.

Man, I'm glad I don't have kids of the age that recognise continuity.

Sheesh. No respect. Yanno, kids and cartoons get no respect.

So here C10. pffffffffffffffffffffft to you.


(PS: the answer is: cause there's 20 of them!)


At 14/5/06 00:37, Blogger brandelion said...

i wasn't a fan of J. Neutron at first, either, but he, and friends, sorta grew on me. i wish i had a robot dog named Goddard.

man, no respect! i'd be writing angry letters. of course, angry letters stuffed in a bottle filled with ethanol, hurled through a glass window...

At 15/5/06 09:55, Blogger xade said...

yes! angry letters and explosives! That's a great idea!

And hookers!

yeah... we'll show them!


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