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Monday, April 24, 2006

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...

- Man, he sure has fancy footwork.
- Not the time to lose one's foot.
- That's not the way to get afoot in life.
- It's a shame he wasn't more footstrong.
- He'll never be the foot of a major corporation.

Okay, that'll do.

You gotta give him props for going on for a few minutes though...


At 29/4/06 21:34, Blogger brandelion said...

coming up with all those puns must've been a major feet.

At 30/4/06 21:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1/5/06 13:38, Blogger xade said...

yeah, cept I ripped them straight from Austin Powers, and in a masterstroke, changed Head to foot.

Bet you couldn't tell, eh! :D

And Psi, hey guy, you could of emailed me. It's just on the side there somewhere oh wait a minute, it's not... never mind.

I'll just email you then. :D

At 9/5/06 15:28, Blogger brandelion said...

Battle Mines is the Devil!!!!1!!

At 22/2/07 22:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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