Braaaains... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS... heh...

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Once again...

wKenShow is gone.


How are you today?

Hope you are find.

What the hell is This???

Who has this much time on there hands...

Remember caddie-shack?

That Golf movie?... with the Groundhog?

Bionic Groundhog

Well, he wasn't really bionic, just really really angry.

I hope he didn't get shot though...

Man, it's good footage...

But I would have ran so fast...

Sooo fast...

I've done this before...

And I'll do it again, Here.

And if you go do it yourself, you will see why I don't like Johnny. Or dubya. Or sharon. And not just because of the Leadership impotence they all seem to ooze...

I give mad propz out to Scott for reminding me of this one...

And from the revival...

The funniest pic I've seen all day... (Thanks mate.

Now, this recks of a Caption Competition...

Shall I start you off?

- Vote Liberal: Always heading in the right direction.
- Keep your chin up Johnny.
- The obvious, Johnny: Getting ahead in the polls.

ok... I'm sure that there will be a shiny prize for the winner. You know you can't resist shiny...

UPDATE: ok... because we have a fair bit of an American contingincy that reads this fair page of mine, allow me to explain. The man giving is our Prime Minister, John Howard, the man recieving, Peter Costello, the Treasurer and next in line.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Thank you super nintendo Chalmers!

Simpson Quote, like beer, the cause and solution to all of lifes problems.

So, Israel spies on New Zealand...

I blog about it, about three other people blog about it. The world moves on.

They spy on the states, Everybody blogs about it.

I'm just gunna point you to someone else who did it better than I ever could *poke*.

These guys have been doing a whole heap of spying recently... I wonder why.

either that, or maybe they are just getting sloppy at it...

Cause I'm getting lots of the linky lovin'...

From over Here, I'll do my part in givin' a little back...

Now lets just hope the three people who read this damn thing all click on that link... seven times each. Then maybe I'll seem popular.

oh, and if you tell em that xade sent ya, you'll get an extra special prize... oooohh, extra special.

The Defamer makes me giggle...

Where else would you get quality material like This

You saw the photos.

I saw the photos.

"Didn't happen" - Rummy

My god. What gall.

You say the photos.

I say the photos.

"Didn't happen" - Rummy

My god. What gall.

A quick little incite.

People ask me stuff sometimes you know?

Stuff like "What's up?" and "How ya doin'?"

Just so you all know, I'm fine.

My fore-arms are huge.

Well not huge, but not not existant.

Now, wasn't that fun.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Oh, the irony...

Or something like that...

Check out the motto...

From todays duh files...

Ritual slicing doesn't make one bullet proof.

And in most cases may result in mild cases of death.

(well actually yesterdays duh files... I'm just putting up yesterdays crap so far... might not get around to todays crap due to work and pub duties...)

That says terrabyte... right?


They're making Holo-discs these days.

Woo. Go future.

I can't help but be skeptical...

Che supports gay marriage

Well, support might be too strong a word, he opposed a federal ban on it. I have to wonder though, where was he when this was an issue? Since it got voted against, he's on the 'winning side'. Where was he? was her supporting his daughter? I don't remember reading anything about it.

I mean, the cause is just. I just doubt the mans motives... Then there's the fact that I don't believe a word that comes out of the snakes mouth... but then, I spose that's a different issue...

I always like reading about...

George Soros.

Seriously, when I'm rich and powerful, I'm so gunna dabble in manipulating world affairs...

But in the good way. Like George.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Wait just one second here...

I know what This is...

I've seen the lord of the rings...

waaahhh. My comments are broken!!

Now how will I validate my existance?

And what's the point in asking, you couldn't answer me anyways!

waahhh. Woe is me.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I got up to master mode...

Man, look at the detail on those polygons...

I need a new computer.

There is no way mine could handle These graphics...


like. Duh.

Sometime scientists are stupid.
By the end, 45 women had contracted chlamydia or gonorrhea. Women using Depo Provera were about three and a half times more likely to develop one of the infections than women using non-hormonal contraceptives. The researchers say they can't yet explain their finding.

um... mabye it's cause they weren't using condoms?


With all the fuss about Thorpie...

People have been forgetting about the real reason for the olympics...

Russian Roulette

I got nine...

This is way too tricky...

It could do with some more flashing lights as well...

Man... That foghorn is a nasty fellow...

Maybe I need to send The Fairies down Here...

She knows too much...

Go give her a hand

This was nicely put.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Smash them together...

Smash them together at high speeds.

You will be happy that this article has nothing to do with groins... unlike the ones before.

This is all about Atoms and anti atoms and smashing them into each other in order to reach a higher understanding... kinda like a three year old and matchbox cars...

Anyways, to think that we only know what 4 percent of the universe is made of is mind-blowing. I mean, it really add weight to the addage that the universe contains things you couldn't imagine.

Seriously. Who would have though that you can tweak the state of a proton and instantanously, the other proton that it is meshed with changes state to match. Regardless of physical proximity or barriers.

Just think, how much is possible with only this 4%. Who knows what we will find when we lift a curtain on what we aren't supposed to see? (I spose that depends on who you ask.)

There has been a spate of it recently...

But at least This guy didn't stab himself in the groin.

And todays...


comes all the way from New Orleans.


They stole it


It's good when the courts do...

The Right Thing.

Seriously, to the MPAA and the RCAA and all you other acroyms that refuse to let go of the good times...

Times have changed. Evolve or die. Sure, it was great, Singles sold so much more that albums and were more profitable. So you moved into that. You manufactured that. Now people want that next thing, using that very intinct that you relied on to make so much money and you don't want a part of it. It doesn't fit into you current business model.

So tie it up in the courts. Delay the enevitable. But know, while you do this, you are giving the company that will put you under just enough time to do it.

Evolve or die. Evolve fast. And I hate to say this, but I wouldn't miss you.

There is interesting happening...

I'll let you know when I find out more...

Oh. And doesn't Neurocam look to be getting interesting at the moment.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

ok... I don't know what to do here...

So I'm just gonna put it all out there, just to see what happens...

First, the email from Nikolay
It was a test.

I predicted you would make contact with either Steven or Graham in order to decipher the contents of the disc. There was certain information I wanted you to glean from your meeting with Steven. This was also a test of his loyalty to Neurocam. You let me know the score with one 'freudian slip' in your translation of the disc.

On a different note, I would like to inform you that I have been grossly misrepresented by that vile worm known as Iocus Severus. He wields no real power and lives in a delusional fantasy world where he
would like to think he knows what is behind all this. Don't trust him. Don't even listen to him. As you have probably gathered by now he was the one pretending to be Henley and Godman and it was he who gave you the gallery assignment. Perhaps it is time for you to call his bluff. Get him out into the open where the sunlight will reveal the cracks....

By the way, RH really has gone to Nigeria. It was his intention to make a documentary on the Fraudsters in question and ultimately shut them down. Neurocam really does have a score to settle with them. We have not heard from him a several days, which is worrying. I have some information regarding the lead up to this sequence of events which I would like to pass on to Graham.

I beg of you to trust me and not Iocus. Neurocam and Yellow One are reputable organisations who mean no harm to anyone. Iocus is a plague whose persistence may jeopardize a project that a lot of work has gone into.

By the way it was nice to meet you. I'm sorry that I was so guarded, that is one of the main drawbacks of this profession.


So I thought, how to draw Severus into the sun. I asked him why he sent me on the gallery assignment.

Here is the response.
Dear James,

Thank you for your email.  For the last two months, Neurocam has been preparing for a significant acceleration in its Victorian operations.  You are one of four operatives who were selected from the pool of Neurocam operatives by Fiat NOX to test new infrastucture and assignment protocol.  You were assigned an experiment involving the art market.  The others were assigned experiments involving the stock market, the weather bureau, and media relations.  Your performance was exemplary.  Well done.  That, for the moment, is as much as you need to know.

You're too intelligent to fall for the nonsense "Mr. Kamchatka" is currently serving you.  I'm sure you're well aware that the gentleman you met on Brunswick Street and the email correspondent are two entirely different people.  You may furthermore, be interested to learn that neither of these is the real Nikolay Kamchatka.

Your correspondent is absolutely right in suggesting you don't trust me.  I would have suggested you don't trust anybody, it that was not already the case.

Iocus Severus
Now, I wonder...

Firstly, by refering to the missions being sent to me via Neurocam, he hasn't given anything away in regards to him 'posing' as all three.

But then there are the subtler differences. For starters, Robert, Dean and Iocus have all at one stage or another used the Fiat Nox email address. Which again, could just be a sign that they are all in league, or the same person.

Next there is something else that has been irking me. Any correspondence I've had with Robert, Dean and Iocus have all started with 'Dear James'. I don't refer to myself as James online, yet it is in the header to my emails. I dunno, I'm just musing, they all seem a little too... similar.

Now, onto Nikolay being two different people. That is also a posibility I would need to concider. There were indiscrepencies between my on-line correspondence/comments from Nikolay and when I met him in person, he seemed a lot less hostile.

Then there is the issue of the 'Special Cock', in a possibly forged email from Severus. That has me thinking. It sounds like something 'online' Nikolay might say, at a stretch, but I couldn't imagine the offline one being so crude.

So. Who do we believe. Iocus and his Nikolay is an imposter story, or Nikolay and his Iocs is an imposter story.

I don't know, I don't think the truth will be that black and white, but to be completely honest with you all, so far, I think I might be leaning towards the guy with the least suspect dead ex wives... (Not that there is an official total count on that figure or anything...)


Oh yeah, and four operative? I've only counted three... And try and I might, I can't relate any of the experiences from Tript or Graham to forays in the stock market, the weather bureau, or in media relations. Maybe it wasn't blogged or I was mistaken... Though I do remember, Graham did once mention a player that may or may not be a player... Maybe I have to check that out again.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Whoring it up...

Ok, it is time for a little bit of shamless promotion...


It is definitly a thinking-persons game.

There's strategy, there's spells, there's victory. It's great.

Go play.

It's life for a reason isn't it?

This is farked.

Surely the bragging should be enough to revoke his parole? who plans to "lure women with his wealth" without also having a malevolent leaning in it.

The olympics bring out the best in everybody...

and we all know how much I love Pingu.

I give you, The Yeti Olympics

I'll put high scores up when I'm happy with them... this could take a while ;)

How many lows will they sink to?

The newly obtained records of Larry Thurlow show that he, like Kerry, won a Bronze Star for the same engagement and that Thurlow's citation said he came under "constant small arms fire," the newspaper reported Thursday.

Thurlow, also like Kerry, commanded a Navy Swift boat during the war. Thurlow swore in an affidavit last month that Kerry was "not under fire" when he rescued Lt. James Rassmann from the Bay Hap River.
How much do you reckon they paid him to say it

Fucking repugnant scumbags.

I love reading the war nerd...

I love pawing through the archives...

Take This article, concider that with my earlier post

I was all geared up this morning to front up...

and start venting some impatients on Neurocam...

Apparently that wasn't neccessary.

I got an email from our good friend Nikolay. I'm sure you all remember him.

While I'm going to keep a lot of it close to the table, I'll sum it up in three words.

Don't. Trust. Iocus.

It looks like a line is being drawn in the sand here. Which side will you be on when the castle falls. If the castle falls?


Oh, and on a less dramatic note, seems that Henley IS in Nigeria. Shuting down the fraudsters. I just can't get the image of the white suit, swooping in, superhero like, putting an end to those endless bloody spams out of my head. Go Robert.

I spose if a precidence is set...

It's set for everybody...

as Graham said, scary.

Never the monkey

Always the baboon...
REPORTER: What do you think tribal sovereignty means in the 21st century, and how do we resolve conflicts between tribes and the federal and state governments?
DUBYA: Yeah -- tribal sovereignty means that, it's sovereign. It's -- you're a -- you're a -- you've been given sovereignty, and you're -- viewed as a sovereign entity. [Laughter emanates from the audience]
DUBYA: And, therefore, the relationship between the federal government and tribes is one between -- sovereign entities.
-- Well that clears up the relationship perfectly, Washington, D.C., Aug. 6, 2004
Go get the audio clip

Thursday, August 19, 2004

oh man...

I can almost taste the burgers...

I'm sure that with enough effort, you could alter the quantum state of a bunch of atoms in a receptical in just the right way to make me a burger.

mmmm. Sacrilicious


keep me away from This.

I've often wondered this exact question...


See, I would have thought that tolerance and helping the less fortunate came in a little higher that sodomy.

(I'm leaving Abortion and The war on terror out of it because in certain eyes, they are both murder.)

ok New Yorkers.

Go out and make a difference

I'm sure I've seen a movie...

About this.

If I was these explorers, I would be on the look out for evil monkeys.

And diamonds.

And secret devices forged by the gods themselves...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Remember Robot wars?

With that guy from Red Dwarf hosting?

I loved that show...

Go treat yourself to The next best thing

Every lost some luggage?

It good to see people in positions of power don't abuse it...

Maybe he was just a liar...


But the wierdest bit is that bit at the bottom, that bit where AFTER HIS GENITAL WERE SET ON FIRE, HE WENT BACK TO SLEEP AND WENT TO HOSPITAL IN THE MORNING!!!


You don't need to be German...

To understand 32 ways to open a bottle of beer

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

So she opened the door...

- and?
did I mention she was dead
- no.
And she hit him with a golf club!!...
- so?
You know, he used to play golf, and it really ticked her off...
- You said that was bowling...
So. what did that hilarious snippet from the Simpsons have to do with Neurocam? It's how the minidisc has seemed to effect me.
So, Robert made a phone call
- and?
Did I mention he was suposed to be dead?
- no.
And he got involved in a Nigerian Fraud Scheme.
- So?
And that's where we are left. Robert seems to have gotten involved in a Nigerian Scheme with a Dr Samuel Amedu, or at least that is how the conversation started. Robert was then passed on to Samuels colleague, the esteemed 'Mr [I couldn't understand his name... Damn Nigerian Accent and shonky recording...]'. Now, apparently, Robert wanted to fly to Lagos to meet with these two shady customers prior to commencing the 'transaction'.

The next part of the minidisc was what sounded like a voicemail message left for Robin Hely. It was left for him from someone from the 'Federal Ministry of Finance'. The message didn't really say a lot sadly...

Now, how this fits in with Henley being Tortured/killed as Dean/Nikolay would have us believe, or hanging out in Brussels as Iocus claims, is a whole different question.

Though, maybe it's not.

The top ten most dangerous jobs...

According to US statistics...

1. timber cutters
2. fishers
3. pilots and navigators
4. structural metal workers
5. driver-sales workers
6. roofers
7. electrical power installers
8. farm occupations
9. construction laborers
10. truck drivers

Woo. I used to work in the 5th most dangerous job in the states... YaY me.

ok... First things first.

I bought a house. w00t.

Oh man, I'm officially up to my eyeballs in debt, oh dear god what was I thinking...

I mean, house. Woo.

Now. Lets move onto the important stuff. Like Neurocam.

It all started with the Mini-disc from the sus Russian Nikolay, you know, the one with the 'special cock'. tee hee... It's "special". So anyway, I got a mini-disc from this guy with the following label.

MDB: 234-803-046360

(Where the MDB could possibly have read MOB...)

Now, not having a mini-disc player, I concidered cracking the thing open to look for hidden messages, a-la Grahams slide, but I got an offer to use Tripts prior to me doing anything I might have regretted...

So anyway, the meeting was set. It was night, cold and the coffee was Starbucks. Damn you starbucks. Anyway, I met up with Tript, and I must say, it is good to put a face to the blog, and while I'm sure he hears this a lot, and to any ladies out there, Tript looks suprisingly like David Beckham. I dunno... maybe it's the eyebrows...

But anyways, we're sitting there, we have coffee. we have cigarettes, we have a mini-disc and a minidisc player, time to move to the business end of things...

ba ba baaaaam... to be continued... ;)

Monday, August 16, 2004

The minidisc.

Ok. This is gonna be damn quick, I'm busy talking to a guy about a house... ;)

It seems that Robert got himself involved in Nigerian eMail scheme with a guy called DR SAMUEL AMEDU.

I don't know who falls for Nigerian eMail schemes these days, but hey, I guess I can't really comment on the mental capacity of somebody I haven't yet had the pleasure to meet.

Ah well, I'll let you all know in more detail tomorrow.

oh. and wish me luck on this house.

Friday, August 13, 2004

ok. Cause it's all been the cam recently...

Here's some fun.

- Coffin toss: Score to beat: 574.48. Instructions: Cause it's in German, or something I've give you the lowdown. press left and right as fast as your little hand can, then whack the spacebar to launch... Don't hit the wall.

- If that isn't enough keyboard breaking action, try The mini olypics: Sadly, I'm no good at this game :( so no scores will be posted :P

- And finally Some kind of pool game: This one is fun.


One night in Moscow.

Last night, I met the mysterious Nikolay. The arrangement was to meet on the corners of brunswick and Johnston streets, in a tiny pub with no name.

We idenitifed ourselves with a pre-determined gesture, the raising of a glass, and then we were talking.

Now, coming into this, I had a lot of preconceptions about this guy, mainly based on this comment over at Tripts house
You better watch yourself boy. If you really want to be invited to one of our barbeques it can be arranged.
lead me to lovingly refer to the guy as the crazy Ruskie. (Though never out loud where anybody would hear me...). But I am pleased to say that Nikolay was the nicest guy I've ever met. If I wasn't so taken... and hetero... and he wasn't working for some sus organisation... I so would have... If you know what I mean... ;)

But moving along. Conversation flowed, Neurocam came up, Yellow 1 came up. I noticed a couple of indescrepencies in what he said, namely that he hadn't heard of Tript? that one struck me as very odd considering the above comment... but moving along.

Apparently, he works for a division of Yellow 1. In true cloak and dagger style, the left hand of Yellow 1 doesn't know what the right hand is doing, so the was a lot of 'I don't know's or 'I can't tell you's. To be honest though, I don't know how much of it can be trusted though.

I think I did get out of it was a minidisk. The minidisk had a label with the name Dr [something I can't remember cause I'm at work and it's at home] Amed, and had a series of numbers along with the letters MDB. Nikolay seemed to insinuate that the disk contained information on the untimely disappearance of our friend Robert Henley. Sadly, I don't have a minidisk player, so until I find one, it's contents will remain a secret. (I'm chasing a couple of people, but any help on this would be great).

There was one other thing on the minidisk, under the label the was some writing that had been crossed out with a black marker. The first letter looked to be a P or an F and the last looked to be a 6. I tried to remove the top layer of marker and it started to come off. Thinking that Nikolay wouldn't have needed to cross it out if it could just be rubbed out, I put my back into it. Now it is gone :(.

Anyways. Back to Nikolay. We chatted. Had a drink or two. And then he was gone. My overall opinion of the guy was that he seemed alright. Still, he did let forth some conflicting stories, and I've been hearing some additional nasty pastyness on the grapevine which may or may no be made public soon... So I don't know. I don't think I will trust him (Not that I actually trust anybody associated with Neurocam). But having said that, if I met him in a dark alley, I don't think I would run. (Well, not straight away anyways...)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

You know how sometimes you can tell somebody from there name...

I give you the story of Mr Ding-a-ling

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Goddamned Peons.

Oh, watch out. It must be the devil

There couldn't be any other reason. Must be the devil.

Poor little thing. They just drowned it. Fuckers.

So why does the crack-pot...

Come from Australia?

Though it *would* make a great sci-fi novel...

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I , Puppet.

I love it

As always...

gee dub is going everything he can to fight terrorism
The effort by U.S. officials to justify raising the terror alert level last week may have shut down an important source of information that has already led to a series of al Qaeda arrests, Pakistani intelligence sources have said.

Until U.S. officials leaked the arrest of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan to reporters, Pakistan had been using him in a sting operation to track down al Qaeda operatives around the world, the sources said.
Good work Mr. President. Your little political stunt just lost you an inside man.

I wonder if people will still think that you will be better than Kerry at this?

How much would you freak...

If you were the 'Friend that wasn't injured'

- 'So Jin, as I was saying, Automatic weapons in vending machines is a bad idea... Jin?'
- And it would be bad form to say. 'God bless mother nature. She's a single woman too'

Trang. Keep watching the skies.

What if Microsoft created Nintendo?

I always do enjoy a good PS Competition

Me Amy.

Bad Gorilla. Bad bad Gorilla.

Look, they taught a monkey how to do sign language. Now all they need is one of those gloves from that movie... you know the one, spaceballs. No wait, Congo.

'Bad Gorilla. Bad bad gorilla. Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.'

Monday, August 09, 2004

And they say it's not political.

Ya have to wonder though, when you see statistical data like this.

man, did that image get killed in the compression. Anyways, basicallly, for those playing at home, the first spike, of course, is 9-11. The second. The Iraq war, the third is the capturing of Saddam.

Every one of those triangles down the bottom there is a terror warning. And every terror warning is accomanied by a jump in the Presidents ratings.

Now, if you saw this data, and *You* had no moral integrity, what would you do? Now imaging you are a greedy fool with no moral integrity. Get the picture?

(oh, and if you would like a copy of this image without the nasty compression that makes it virtually un-readable, send me an eMail, I'll sent it to you.

A meeting with Nikolay.

That should prove interesting.

If I happen to stop blogging suddenly one day. You'll know why.

A sure fire way to beat the system.

This is a good story, a story about a guy that played lotto and beat the system. He had a shore thing.

This is the kind of scheme I want to get involved in.

Flying car is go.

Well, not quite is go. But it is well on it's way

'Cept he's doing it all wrong. He is meant to use magnets somehow. And it is meant to make a sound along the lines of 'd-d-d-d-d-d-d'. I would buy it if he used magnets.

This land is my land.

Funny stuff.

I reached level 12.

I hate this game It is way too painfully addictive.


Kerry Vows to Lift Bush Restrictions on Stem Cells

Hey, if we get cures for these nasty pasty things going round today, you know, like your cancers, you paralysises, you alzheimers. You think it would be cheaper or more expensive for the government to supply health care?

hhmmm... So. Who to trust?

Well, according to the latest from Tript, Robert Henley is alive and well and is currently in Brussels. Well, that is if you believe the enigmatic Iocus Severus. I for one, haven't had the same communications nor experiences as either Tript or Graham, so to say I trust the man wouldn't be truthful. Now, having said that, this is Neurocam. Or Nautionier. And deception does seem to be part and parcel. As Graham said, I spose we'll find out when they start mailing him to us. But then I hope that doesn't happen.

So. If Robert isn't dead, where does that leave us? It leaves us with Dean Godman who looks to have taken the reigns over at Neurocam (or at least for the time being). And it leaves us with Nikolay (Who seems to be a Yellow 1 operative.)

Again, neither of these men I would trust, but I must say, I have had an interesting correspondence with Nikolay recently. An excert as follows.
You know more than you let on.
We need to meet in person.
Can you give me Dean Godmans email address or phone number?
First of all... A meeting with Nikolay!!. Interesting... Although Iocus seems to be sure that the 'footage' of Henley was a fake, it still doesn't make me any surer of meeting this guy. We'll just have to make sure that it in is a very public place.

Secondly. Why would Nikolay be looking for Dean? Why would Nikolay be out of contact with Dean? Is Dean being an absolute sussy here? Has he make some kind of power play within the ranks of Neurocam/Nautionier? Will there ever be an answer to my questions? And why do I have the feeling that Robert is ducking down, out of sight, behind that grassy knoll...

Friday, August 06, 2004

You say to yourself 'Surely this couldn't be true'

President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.

The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President’s mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately.

The leader of the free world, mentally unstable. I want to be sensitive on the issue. If this is true, I feel bad for the guy. But having said that, he, or somebody should recognise that and do the best thing for America. That being, get the crazy guy out of office.

I'm sure though that pulling the strings on a crazy leader has been going on since way back in the day, I mean hell, look at the English royals. They were imbred and crazy, I'm sure there were a lot of people benefiting from pulling the strings. I guess it's just in some peoples nature.

It's just a shame that those same people seem to get so high in life.

There is one born every minute.

Are you one?

Go take a looksee.

I'm not one.

Tee hee hee...

New Zealand Funny.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

So. bush is now running ads that...

Focus on what he has done for America

Ha!. You're kidding me right. My favorite quote from the ads though, has to be...
What gives us optimism and hope? Freedom, faith, families and sacrifice
Freedom: As long as you don't question the ideals of I. America Hater.
Faith: In my god. Not your mo-ham-ed. or your boo-da.
Families: As long as you aren't gay. or inter-racial.
Sacrifice: Now this is something you all can do. I want you to give up what you love. That is why you should be an optimist.

ppffft. What a Joker.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Jo, can I get this tattoo?

There are others over Here... NERDS!!!

And while on the topic of religeon...

There's more that one way to get high, baby

So then the nun says...

That old bugger, he's been telling me it was the horn of Gabriel for years...

Robert Henley. Dead?

In response to the eMail I sent detailed in an earlier post, I just recieved the following.
Dear Xade, It is with much sadness and regret that I write to inform you of the passing away of Robert Henley. His talent, generosity of spirit, his charm and wit were met with a sudden end on the afternoon of Sunday 28th July. The authorities are investigating what appears to be homicide. My sincere apologies for any confusion or inconvenience. It has fallen on me to liaise with you, should you wish to continue in your work with Neurocam. Thank you for your patience. Yours Sincerely, Dean Godman
hmmm... While I never met the man, I do have to say, I loved the suit.

I'll raise a glass to you tonight.

So, all my friend were jumping off a bridge... Naturally, I went next.

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4 Seconds. Eat. That. Everybody.

I did it in 4 seconds.
I deserved an A++!!
Take the How Dexterous Are You? Quiz!!

I just sent the following email...

To Robert Henley

Something about the timescale here doesn't fit. I got this task from you two weeks ago. Apparently, according to footage that seems to be floating around the internet, you were in a pretty bad way 2 weeks ago. What gives?

And why haven't I heard from you ?

I apologise if the tone of this email is a little demanding, and while patience is a virtue I am usually blessed with, I must say that I am getting a little... frustrated with the lack of contact.

Again, I mean no disrespect with this email, I hope it finds you in good health.

oh, and thanks for the oportunity.

So why I have the feeling it won't warrant a response?

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I'm sure you can do better...

even though it isn't in English...

I know they are trying to sell me something for my penis...
Deseja aumentar o tamanho do pênis ? Apostila com técnicas 100% naturais para o aumento do pênis de 2 a 7cm. Tenha ereções duras como rocha ! Melhore também o seu controle da ejaculação
Something... 100% natural, make it grow 2 to 7 cm... control premature ejaculation.

Bloody spam.

Does everybody remember...

... Subservient Chicken? The strangly hypnotic and very addictive Burger King Marketing tool?

Well, now we have a tool of a different kind. Subservient President. Ask him about the fries... or his magic trick ;)

I haven't linked...

to this guy in a while, particularly this story

Why does this remind me of that simpson episode, Where Itchy and Scratchy get taken off air to be replaced by the old political thingy, you know the one...
I'm an amendment to be, yes an amendment to be.
And I'm hoping that they ratify me.
There's a lot of flag burners
Who have got to much freedom
And wanna make it illegal, for police men to beat em.
Cause there limits to our liberties
least I pray that there are
Cause those liberal folk go to far...
But seriously, how stupid is it. lets make a law that is UNTOUCHABLE!!!. ???

Hell, why don't they add an amendment to it to say that it can only be used when congress is controlled by the republicans... Then they could throw in all kinds of crazy laws.

Neurocam. Musings.

The name Dean Godman has been eating at me since reading it on EgoTript the other day... I've heard it before, heard from it before. Then it struck, it was a comment left on Kates blog. Now, as it was pointed out in the string, a name in a comment field can be easily forged, but where it linked, Here, was interesting to go back and re-read.

This was the original Who is Robert Henley? project right? Does anyone know what the outcome of that was? As they say, if you don't remember the past, you are bound to repeat it.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Woo. Go Medical Science...

Boo Hisss, to the Bush administration

These sheep are so clever...

And according to the article, they are SOUL DESTROYING. ba ba baaaaaa. ::Dramatic sheep music::

*Knock Kncok*

Would you like to buy my... meat?

Idiots. Ya fall for a scam like a door-to-door meat man, and you deserve it.


The commission's report found no evidence that any flights of Saudi nationals took place before the reopening of national airspace on Sept. 13.
Does anybody else distinctly remember the Bin Ladens getting flown out straight after the 9-11 bombings? Cause I sure as hell do. It was on all the local news programs...

Heya folks.

I have noticed that my hits have increased recently, Due to my involvement with Neurocam I am guessing... Now, just to keep you informed, I haven't heard anything back from them after my last task, Not even a Thank you but, no thank you.

Now, just seeing the post on Egotript it has to make me wonder, have I actually been in correspondence with Robert Henley, or has it been somebody at Neurocam posing as Robert Henley? or was my correspondence prior to his... insident? to blame for? no, that would be thinking too much of me. Either way, it does explain why no further correspondence was recieved. Hopefully, I will hear something soon.

Regardless, I feel the need to say, in regards to Grahams comments, that no, I haven't been deceiving you. This has all been real. I am as much in the dark about this as anyone.