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Monday, August 09, 2004

And they say it's not political.

Ya have to wonder though, when you see statistical data like this.

man, did that image get killed in the compression. Anyways, basicallly, for those playing at home, the first spike, of course, is 9-11. The second. The Iraq war, the third is the capturing of Saddam.

Every one of those triangles down the bottom there is a terror warning. And every terror warning is accomanied by a jump in the Presidents ratings.

Now, if you saw this data, and *You* had no moral integrity, what would you do? Now imaging you are a greedy fool with no moral integrity. Get the picture?

(oh, and if you would like a copy of this image without the nasty compression that makes it virtually un-readable, send me an eMail, I'll sent it to you.


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