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Monday, August 09, 2004

hhmmm... So. Who to trust?

Well, according to the latest from Tript, Robert Henley is alive and well and is currently in Brussels. Well, that is if you believe the enigmatic Iocus Severus. I for one, haven't had the same communications nor experiences as either Tript or Graham, so to say I trust the man wouldn't be truthful. Now, having said that, this is Neurocam. Or Nautionier. And deception does seem to be part and parcel. As Graham said, I spose we'll find out when they start mailing him to us. But then I hope that doesn't happen.

So. If Robert isn't dead, where does that leave us? It leaves us with Dean Godman who looks to have taken the reigns over at Neurocam (or at least for the time being). And it leaves us with Nikolay (Who seems to be a Yellow 1 operative.)

Again, neither of these men I would trust, but I must say, I have had an interesting correspondence with Nikolay recently. An excert as follows.
You know more than you let on.
We need to meet in person.
Can you give me Dean Godmans email address or phone number?
First of all... A meeting with Nikolay!!. Interesting... Although Iocus seems to be sure that the 'footage' of Henley was a fake, it still doesn't make me any surer of meeting this guy. We'll just have to make sure that it in is a very public place.

Secondly. Why would Nikolay be looking for Dean? Why would Nikolay be out of contact with Dean? Is Dean being an absolute sussy here? Has he make some kind of power play within the ranks of Neurocam/Nautionier? Will there ever be an answer to my questions? And why do I have the feeling that Robert is ducking down, out of sight, behind that grassy knoll...


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