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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

So she opened the door...

- and?
did I mention she was dead
- no.
And she hit him with a golf club!!...
- so?
You know, he used to play golf, and it really ticked her off...
- You said that was bowling...
So. what did that hilarious snippet from the Simpsons have to do with Neurocam? It's how the minidisc has seemed to effect me.
So, Robert made a phone call
- and?
Did I mention he was suposed to be dead?
- no.
And he got involved in a Nigerian Fraud Scheme.
- So?
And that's where we are left. Robert seems to have gotten involved in a Nigerian Scheme with a Dr Samuel Amedu, or at least that is how the conversation started. Robert was then passed on to Samuels colleague, the esteemed 'Mr [I couldn't understand his name... Damn Nigerian Accent and shonky recording...]'. Now, apparently, Robert wanted to fly to Lagos to meet with these two shady customers prior to commencing the 'transaction'.

The next part of the minidisc was what sounded like a voicemail message left for Robin Hely. It was left for him from someone from the 'Federal Ministry of Finance'. The message didn't really say a lot sadly...

Now, how this fits in with Henley being Tortured/killed as Dean/Nikolay would have us believe, or hanging out in Brussels as Iocus claims, is a whole different question.

Though, maybe it's not.


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