Braaaains... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS... heh...

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

ok... First things first.

I bought a house. w00t.

Oh man, I'm officially up to my eyeballs in debt, oh dear god what was I thinking...

I mean, house. Woo.

Now. Lets move onto the important stuff. Like Neurocam.

It all started with the Mini-disc from the sus Russian Nikolay, you know, the one with the 'special cock'. tee hee... It's "special". So anyway, I got a mini-disc from this guy with the following label.

MDB: 234-803-046360

(Where the MDB could possibly have read MOB...)

Now, not having a mini-disc player, I concidered cracking the thing open to look for hidden messages, a-la Grahams slide, but I got an offer to use Tripts prior to me doing anything I might have regretted...

So anyway, the meeting was set. It was night, cold and the coffee was Starbucks. Damn you starbucks. Anyway, I met up with Tript, and I must say, it is good to put a face to the blog, and while I'm sure he hears this a lot, and to any ladies out there, Tript looks suprisingly like David Beckham. I dunno... maybe it's the eyebrows...

But anyways, we're sitting there, we have coffee. we have cigarettes, we have a mini-disc and a minidisc player, time to move to the business end of things...

ba ba baaaaam... to be continued... ;)


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