Braaaains... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS... heh...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I know it's wrong...

But it's Friday night,

The kids are at their Grandparents,

The better half is out partying...

And I'm at home with a cask of Red wine.

Singing the tunes of Kate Bush and Ricky Lee Jones as loud as I care to.

All the while, I've dug up a copy of Vampires: the Masquerade - bloodlines.

Man, I'm sad, but shove it. ;)

...Where just a couple of pigeons are living...


At 5/8/06 01:34, Blogger xade said...

All of, the head lines. Said passion crime...

At 8/8/06 09:18, Blogger Hamish said...

You're the only who replied to your post.

Oh man, I just went and ruined it!


At 8/8/06 09:46, Blogger xade said...

But now how am I going to pull off the loveable loser, like li, if I keep getting people coming along and screwing me, unlike li?

At 10/8/06 12:46, Blogger brandelion said...

*tap dances thru the comment box*

ya-cha-cha-cha, cha!

At 10/8/06 14:21, Blogger xade said...

woohoo! A comment!

I'm actually read again!


Now I'm going to have to blog more to appeal to my target audience.

Which of course, I've done extensive studies on:

Zizzo's challenge
Caddie shake
Arwen nude... hmmm arwen, you up for that? :D
And the best thing about 28 year olds...

There's 20 of them! HA!

(worst joke ever...)

At 11/8/06 14:24, Blogger brandelion said...


actually, i haven't *stopped* reading, you've just stopped posting, so it's kind of like when little kids play hide-n-seek by covering their eyes? covering your eyes isn't hiding, xade.

28 year olds.... HA!

At 30/8/06 09:44, Blogger Hamish said...

I always read it. But I wouldn't want to make you seem popular.

And I don't mean that in a bad way.

Everyone loves unpopular people.

Like... Sawyer. You're an Australian Sawyer.

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