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Monday, August 23, 2004

Smash them together...

Smash them together at high speeds.

You will be happy that this article has nothing to do with groins... unlike the ones before.

This is all about Atoms and anti atoms and smashing them into each other in order to reach a higher understanding... kinda like a three year old and matchbox cars...

Anyways, to think that we only know what 4 percent of the universe is made of is mind-blowing. I mean, it really add weight to the addage that the universe contains things you couldn't imagine.

Seriously. Who would have though that you can tweak the state of a proton and instantanously, the other proton that it is meshed with changes state to match. Regardless of physical proximity or barriers.

Just think, how much is possible with only this 4%. Who knows what we will find when we lift a curtain on what we aren't supposed to see? (I spose that depends on who you ask.)


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