Braaaains... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS... heh...

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

num num num num

num num num num
num num num num num num num num.

A week without posting. who the hell do I think I am.


Stupid everything.

Ah well, I'm gunna go hide under my rock again.

Maybe you could play this game. It has zombies...

(And we all know how much people like zombies.)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Todays public service anouncement.

Friends don't let friends ankle drunk.


Now that I have your attention, can I just point you all over to this fella, li. Seriously, funniest blog ever.

But I can never comment over there because to comment on his posts would be to bring them down... you know, to my level of funny.

But seriously, if you don't pop your head in over at li's house every once in a while, I will have to hunt you down and eat your children.

Or just tell you off, yanno, whichever works...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

There's a bug in the termination procedure.

But it only effects funds with non-unitised investments so that cool, yanno.

I mean hell, the closed investment project needs to go to production. Not that anyone wants to take ownership, it's only gunna show benefits in 6 months when you're not dealing with a fuckload of misallocated funds.

But that's fine. The defined benefit members have voluntary member contributions under code CRVOL. These are not being picked up.

And then you get this. Tran id 0000000045661634 seems to be fully allocated (hence why we think this has gone through the PST), part of this ID is tran no 36344820 and 36344824 for $45685.96 which has a TranDesc of Recoding - I dont know what this means! --- Well I don't know what it means either. Get in line.


I can only think of 7 things at once people se-ven.

Not 9. not 8. not fucking 16.


But hey, least I get to head home at night, snuggle in front of a warm fire and catch up on the latest on Hotdogs uplate.

Man, show of hands as to who has seen that show? seriously, it's the funniest show on television. The canned audience, the terrible set, the way hotdogs pauses to check the que cards. I love it. I appeals totally to my sense of irony.

Which as you all know, is the highest form of wit... It tramples all over sarcasm. Cause yanno, sarcasm's good.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

So, which is the odd one out?

- We went in because of the WMD's.
- We went in because they support Al qaeda.
- We went in because of 9-11 and all that.
- We went in to create a self governing, self managing Democracy

hey, trick question. none of them anymore...

*rolls eyes*

Now, a show of hands as to who is suprised to think that guerilla warfare beats conventional warfare.

It's kind of like paper, yanno... stupid rock...

I love that Simpson quote. - Good ol' dependable Rock. Nothin' beats Rock.

Monday, August 15, 2005

And now for some hotlinking goodness...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's all just going too far...


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This weekend marked the first time...

That I have ever seen the Crazy Frog song. And man, can I just say that that is one craaazy frog.

Seriously, I don't see what everyones problem is. I mean, if I hear that song 54 million more times before I die, I would die a happy happy man...

Actually, I think I need to propogate it. Perhaps I could download the ringtone and play it at obnoxious volumes on crowded trains. And sing along. And do the dance.

Ding da ding ding dooo bumba da dey wheeeeeeee.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Last night I met the man...

Who took This photo.

And I'm shocked to find out who he was. Even moreso to find him there...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Digging through the past.

It's amusing and perhaps a little strange when you dig through what has been and can mold it into the context of what happened since... For example.


I'm going to be selective about what i will and wont tell you. By not
following "the good doctor" you missed out on quite a performance. I missed
out on collecting anything from "Doctor Ben" but i continued following when
everyone else lost the trail. Ben went to the emergency waiting area of St
Vincent's. He was acting a little funy and i started to think the whole
neurocam thing was a little lame. I felt that by missing out on collecting
from Ben i had missed an integral part of "the assignment". He sat down in
the waiting area and i introduced myself. He said he wasn't sure "what all that back at the Tram Stop was about". I asked what he was doing now.

"I'm here to treat a patient" (Hey, why not? He's a Doctor right?)

I found it all a little amusing and kept thinking that Ben was trying to
find a way out of the situation, because i honestly felt that the "Assignment" was
over. Ben then walked over to a guy in the waiting area. Now this guy was pretty
fruity. He didn't look like an "actor or performer". His clothes truly
reflected the nature of what appeared to be a disturbed mind. The "patient"
kept looking over at me suspiciously. I was starting to get pretty freaked
out. Patient gave Ben a book "A History of the Mind" or something similar.
Ben put it in his breifcase.


I wonder if it ever made anyones required reading list? What about
Battle for your mind.
By William Sargant
"A physiology of conversion and brain-washing".?

And what about this fine piece of literature...


I see you Charles, tall bastard with a long white coat on, nice shoes. Cashman aint you Charles. Bet the ladies like you aye Charlie. Bet you have conflicting emotions when your confused. Not all of uz are zitting en der Awstralia either. Iam zdill testing out ufurst B4 ein tel info ain moi. But you want to belong
No i dont, neurocam is strange and uncertain. Put your trust in Charles and you will one day meet the real Bridget Fischer.

He wants me to be an Operative. What the hell is that dude? But you relax in cyberspace, how can you be an operative. I dont live in Melbourne or Awstralia. Do you have a branch on which i could hang in Estonia?
I need to see you. Are you with Charles now? Bridget are you there? I will fill ziizz quwhestiyonaier for Bree-geet only. She must be a better more exciting guise, Bigger brain right!, and remember, unique. Woman are warm and sexy. Giviz a long hot sunny day here and I'll fill your Quwhestionaire. So your
so tuff Charlie fill your Quwhestionaire your self. Send it out to us! The questions your'e askingck are very deep issues. What when baggge man/woman takes time to answer and eventually finds
themselves? They may not need you Charlie anymore.Charles, WHAT! Have you done with Bridget? Im off..
I dont know who or what you are so I'll have to dig deep Im onto you and your little scheme. No you dont! ein Athen. Soon, and I Demand! to have a little personal Bridget touch next time.