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Thursday, August 18, 2005

There's a bug in the termination procedure.

But it only effects funds with non-unitised investments so that cool, yanno.

I mean hell, the closed investment project needs to go to production. Not that anyone wants to take ownership, it's only gunna show benefits in 6 months when you're not dealing with a fuckload of misallocated funds.

But that's fine. The defined benefit members have voluntary member contributions under code CRVOL. These are not being picked up.

And then you get this. Tran id 0000000045661634 seems to be fully allocated (hence why we think this has gone through the PST), part of this ID is tran no 36344820 and 36344824 for $45685.96 which has a TranDesc of Recoding - I dont know what this means! --- Well I don't know what it means either. Get in line.


I can only think of 7 things at once people se-ven.

Not 9. not 8. not fucking 16.


But hey, least I get to head home at night, snuggle in front of a warm fire and catch up on the latest on Hotdogs uplate.

Man, show of hands as to who has seen that show? seriously, it's the funniest show on television. The canned audience, the terrible set, the way hotdogs pauses to check the que cards. I love it. I appeals totally to my sense of irony.

Which as you all know, is the highest form of wit... It tramples all over sarcasm. Cause yanno, sarcasm's good.


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