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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Man, it must be good to be the king...

An exert from an email I recieved...

I cannot thank you enough for you introducing me to this blog.

"Blogging is weird. I was just in the shower, practicing my signature on the frosted up glass, when all of a sudden I remembered how fucking much I love gravy." Exaggerating Rumours 07/08/05

That's one of the funniest things I have read in my life, and the entire blog is pretty much up to this standard.

Li is the fucking king who makes me laugh my ass off at least once a day and I owe it all to you my friend!

Thank you!!!


Keep up the good work guy... :D


At 6/2/06 15:44, Blogger Li said...

Wow, that's cool.

You get way better emails than me!


[Skips off to tell mum]

At 7/2/06 17:58, Blogger teigan said...

Seconded. Li Han, c'est le homme.

See you on Friday, guy ;)

At 10/2/06 18:28, Blogger johana said...

Lookee at that Li- you're famous... :D

and she's totally right. ; )


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