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Thursday, December 29, 2005

I should be hoping...

But I can't stop thinking...

Is it just me, or is the internet no fun anymore?

Seriously, what happened there?

Where did the whimsy go?

What? did I go and grow up or something?

Maybe a little.

Something is wrong and I don't know what to do about it.

maybe I just need to sprouse the place up a bit?

what ja think?


At 31/12/05 00:32, Anonymous Simon Moon said...

It's just you. I love my internet. That's why I spend every waking hour on it, except for that work thing I do to pay for my internet and gadgets.

How can you be bored with the internet? There is more to do than can ever be done in one lifetime. Go watch some of the movies on archive.org, get caught up on current events, get caught up on history, get caught up on the future, learn about what you shouldn't put in the microwave, read about drugs at erowid, learn how to deconstruct identity politics, look at pictures of women fucking donkeys, chat in a chat room, play online poker, and most of all, stop being a passive consumer and produce something interesting.

See it's that last one that I think is your problem. You halted the blog and you lost your audience. You don't really think it's the internet that isn't fun, you think that you aren't fun. So be interesting, dammit. Or at least be creative. One thing I learned from my time as a sex worker, people will watch anything.

Also, the reason you've been getting turned down lately is because you don't want your shell of self-loathing to be destroyed. That one is free. You owe me 5USD for the first bit.

At 31/12/05 08:32, Blogger deadsoybean said...

I think the internet has gotten very boring. Seriously, I don't know what I used to do spending ours online.

It is weird...

I blame it on aliens.

At 31/12/05 22:36, Blogger teigan said...

Don't despair, I know my blog has been crap lately but I'm working on it

In the meantime, you are just the man to save the day.

At 1/1/06 03:15, Blogger Hamish said...

You want to sprouse up the internet?

Well that sounds very challenging. Especially considering how boring the aliens have made it.

At 4/1/06 13:25, Blogger xade said...

Simon, point, or points taken. Do you take USPs in lieu of actual currency?

Donkey sex poker. I think that will eb what I take out of it. That one sounds like a winner... ;)

*crosses fingers* - Tell me donkey sex poker doesn't already exist...

Maybe I could somehow integrate it with an ipod. They seem to be young and hip these days...

At 10/1/06 15:38, Anonymous thedope said...

Yeah, the Internets are boring. It's because everyone has it, knows about it, uses it. More for you guys, I think it's because everyone blogs. Emo kids, mood apathetic, listening to: The Used.

It's become a tool to use as opposed to the playground it was.

You don't come online to talk to people on IM anymore, it being optional, it's just assumed now. "I left you a message on MSN, why didn't you respond?"


At 16/1/06 11:18, Blogger xade said...

heh heh heh... mood: apathetic, listening to: the used.

I'm gunna have to start ending all posts with that... :D


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