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Monday, December 19, 2005

So what? Is there meant to be a blog here or something?

Damn, this place is dead. I don't know why I hang out here any more.

This place used to be cool.

Look at you now? What are you? nothing!

The hollow shell of a burnt out blog.

Good for you.

I mean, hey, if you look real close you can see the footprints of former glory.

It's in there, just keep looking.

No, not there, that's where the now non-existant pictures are... *sniff*

Maybe this place needs a new paint job?

I hear so-loud-it-hurts-our-teeth pink is in style these days.

Combine that with a dead puppy and a link to a get where you assassinate stick figures and I might just be onto a winner again...

But then again, don't all you guys suck or something?

Hows the cam? Am I still running the boards? I haven't checked. How's ol' Crispy? how's his pooch?

Speaking of Crispy's pooch... (best segue ever.)

I think they need to make a computer game where you play the role of a vampire assassin by day who goes out and night to kill zombies who are also Jesus.

yeah... that would be a winner.


At 19/12/05 22:16, Blogger xade said...

heh... stupid comments...

At 20/12/05 00:08, Blogger Solonor Rasreth said...

Eeek! Ghosts!!

At 22/12/05 00:49, Anonymous Simon Moon said...

No, you are not running the boards. After a month of inactivity, I fired you. There was a big scene, you were all drunk. Actually you were so drunk, that's probably why you don't remember.

At 22/12/05 09:59, Blogger xade said...

ahhh... so that explains the vomit in my shoes...

and the tat.

meh, the cam and I parted on... how do we say, not the friendliest of terms.

Dissapearing was prolly the only way I could not say something I'ld have regretted...

On the plus side though, I did keep banning people til you threw in that new system... made my life so much easier... ;)

At 22/12/05 20:47, Anonymous simon moon said...

Anyway, speaking of Jesus and hunting vampires, there was this amazing film entitled Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter that I saw in college and have utterly failed to find again. It is quite amazing, and I do think it is up your alley. I doubt it had the penetration to reach Australia, but if you find it, match it at any cost.

At 23/12/05 10:33, Blogger xade said...

:O There actually is a movie about a vampire hunter who is also Jesus?

man oh man, I *need* to track this down...

Jo, get a coffee on, it's hunna be a long night... ;)


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