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Monday, January 10, 2005

Oulios Iatromantis...

Knowing what is true is one thing – something that will hardly get
you anywhere, except, with Neurocam, into mortal danger. The thing
worth knowing that is more important than the truth, is what is
I would
suspect the current case in the possession of Steve (aka Ego Tript)
to contain a hard drive with computer files on it. Unless Iocus
Severus has managed to get a hold of chemical and genetic materials
– which, while I highly doubt, is entirely possible – that is all
you will find in the suitcase. Do however, make sure it is opened
carefully, and nothing is consumed in any manner. Gas masks (with
organic grade filters), eye protection and hard plastic chemical
handling gloves are highly recommended.
I have a wealth of information in my possession, and many hair
raising stories to tell. I do however, have to be careful about
who and when I reveal my hard won evidence and experience. I do
not want to endanger my self, or anyone else in the process.
There is more that I will hold to my chest right now, but, hmmmm... it's very interesting.

Just be careful with that case mate.


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