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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

heh heh... I'm really liking Maxwell at the moment...

I read this over at the totse forums...
Okay, so I sent them an e-mail (I don't remember exactly what I wrote) saying something like, "since you do background checks, why not tell me something about myself. Since I'd already know it, there should be no security problems). This was the reply:

Dear Random Female

Thank you for your correspondence. An old adage, however, about the
pitfalls of assumption springs to my mind.

Why do you assume that our background checks are designed to gather
further detail?

In some instances an absence of detail can far be more informative.

The ability to maintain absolute anonymity is underrated by many, but
valued highly by Neurocam. Our “applicant historical analysis” is
designed to address this issue.

The very fact that you have assumed otherwise should, however, tell you
something about yourself.


Maxwell Knight
Head, Human Resources Security Division
Neurocam International
Heh... I love it...


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