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Monday, July 26, 2004

Neurocam. Assignment 2. Cont.

ok, So I've visited 2 places so far and placed 5 stickers... going alright so far.

I walked down Bruswick street to Sutton Gallary. I must say, I did like what I say here, both the art and the 'Lady behind the desk' TM. She was busy, though, then again, so was the gallery, there were a lot of people there, But I don't think anyone saw me place two Neurocam stickers.

ok, so I'm shooting .667, it's looking alright. So I drive up to Gertude street, See what we can do.

First off the rank was Clubsproject, which was above the Builders Arms Hotel. Now, it seems that there was a magazine launch going on called Slavemag. Sadly, no art. Therefore, no stickers.

I crossed the street to GERTRUDE CONTEMPORARY ART SPACES. This place had a most interesting visual display. It was a darkened room with three screens. Try to picture yourself standing in a hexagon. The front three walls were screens, and you couldn't see a three at once, you had to turn your head. Now, These screens had text that would pop up with single words, these words were spoken to you as they came up and all three screens would have words and senteces coming up at the same time. It was a very unique experience. This gallery also had pieces made out of bendy straws and had two of the most pretencious people I have ever heard. (Sorry, I just don't agree that if you use the word Deconstructed, it turns a hot glue gun into art, but then that is just my opinion and we are all entitled to our own.). Anyways, Now that I'm sounding like an uncultured oaf, I just say that I tagged two pieces of art before leaving.

Further down the street was Seventh gallery. It was an itty bitty room that I had absolutely no chance of putting up a sticker without being caught. (Well, actually, I may have gotten lucky, but the distinct lack of stickers on any other painting would have caused mine to stick out like... I won't bring this post down to the level of that statement)

By now the day was closing and I didn't think I would make it to anymore, so, I called it a day.

I managed to tag 9 pieces of art at 3 different galleries.

They all seem to be closed today, but tomorrow, I shall endevour on with my task.

As always, I'll keep you all informed.


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