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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I've been reading...

an archive from the war nerd and came across an idea...
I used to know this drug dealer in Stockton, a really cool guy who'd been a Navy frogman. He put those skills to good use: he'd drop a watertight package of goodies just offshore, then dive back to pick it up once his ship had been searched and let in the harbor. Never failed, he said. If he could do it, you better believe Kim and Mao not only could do it, but HAVE done it.

And that means there are nukes lying in our harbors, and in longterm storage sheds, and cemented into the foundations of buildings in our downtowns. So no matter how much they bleat about their anti-missile systems, you better believe that the US will never, never be safe from nukes. And neither will any city that matters, in China or Japan or Russia or Europe.
I mean, sure, it's conspiricy theory at it's best, but how do you know it isn't true?

How do you know that is you attack Korea, you're not gonna get a building in downtown New York and one somewhere in Washington going BOOM?

T'is a little scary to think about.


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