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Monday, July 26, 2004


As you know, I was given two assignments by Neurocam. An initiation if you will.

Well, the first task was easy. In fact, I completed the first task about six months ago.

Moving along to the purpose of this post though, the second task.

Below is a excert from an eMail from Robert Henley.

When an artwork is sold by an Art Gallery, the convention is to place a small circular RED sticker on the wall at the bottom left corner of the artwork.

Your assignment is this: Buy a box of little circular RED stickers (diam. approx. 1 cm) from any good Newsagent. Write the word NEUROCAM in BLACK ink on each sticker. Visit as many Art Galleries as your schedule permits. Place little red stickers next to as many artworks as you can. One sticker per artwork. Keep a record of which galleries you visit and how many stickers you place in each one. If you can get a photograph or two, so much the better.

Obviously, you will want to avoid being seen. Be aware that some galleries have security cameras.
To speculate why Neurocam would want this to happen would be folly, I mean, is it a bizare marketing scheme? Why would they want people to think that they were buying art?
Never the less, as we speak I'm in the middle of this task, but as galleries close on Mondays, it seemed like a good time to give an update on how I have been going.
I headed out on Saturday with a black fineliner and a collection of little red dots. Although I had already pre-marked the Dots with Neurocam, I figured, it would suck if I ran out. So anyways, I decided to start my day in Fitzroy.
I started at the lovely Red Gallery, on St Georges Road. And I must say that I'm glad that I did. Though, I have to say that I was a little nervous, I mean hey, while I wasn't exactly sure on the legalities of what I was doing, I was definitly sure that was I to get busted it would definitly create a scene. Anyway, back to Red. Upon walking in, I have to say that I was very happy to see that there was only one other person in there, even happier to see that they had the complete and undivided attention of the 'Lady behind the desk' TM and happier still to see that there were a lot on corners to hide behind while doing my sinful business.
At this Gallery I was lucky enough to lay down 5 Neurocam stickers before moving on to the next place.
The next place on the list was Conical. Now, I'm not sure exactly what was going on here as there wasn't any portrates per say, I wouldn't even know what pigeon hole to wack this work in, sort of a conceptual sculpture type thing... needless to say, as there wasn't a bottom left corner of anything to stick anything to, I didn't manage to stick any thing down. Now, say that really really fast, three times.
Now, as this post is slowly sliding out to Epic proportions, So I will continue this when I get the chance... please, bare with me.


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