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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

While there are no games, there is lots to read...

Which is almost as much fun...

ok, who am I kidding... I've been neglecting my posting duties again. Stupid work. Who does it think it is...

So without further ado, let's play Link fast, Link often

1. I'm glad this guy is going to jail for a long time. It sets a damn fine precidence.
2. The moral of this story: Don't get in the way of a horny bear
3. It's because they were friends with the giant killer space bees. - ok, so you might need to be familiar with Weebl or bob to get *that* witty jibe...
4. Eclipse. - What a stud.
5. I'm sure there is irony or something here
6. The latest on the flying car
7. The moral of *this* story: Don't unclog a running woodchipper with your foot. - Sheesh.
8. Ok, I'm a stickler for bad translations - it will place it in him and to teach him how you the sand digs.
9. Well, I'm hoping for swift, long justice. - Possibly followed by an in-house visit by Butch.
10. Trang, as with anything that goes on in Japan... please, explain.
11. Who likes hello kitty? Wanna beta test the MMORPG?

And finally

12. Of course it's the states who ignore international treaties.

So there you go peoples have fun. I've added the numbers for ease of commenting, but me... I gotta get back to work.


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