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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I had a dream last night.

And it was about Neurocam.

Now for some reason, I have a newly instilled enthusiasm towards it.

I wanna play and to that end I'm going to share with you all and email I received from Charles Hastings shortly after I recieved my promotion.


Neurocam International appreciates the expedient manner in which you
replied to our query.

The organization has little doubt that you will excel in you new role and
will continue to demonstrate traits deemed desirable by the management

In regards to your query, the second package, delivered by Operative
Hamish Jones, contained sensitive documents which detail various aspects
of Neurocam’s proprietary products and procedures.

I am aware, of course, that your query was actually in regard to the 1st
package, delivered to you by persons unknown. That package contained a
DVD constructed from surveillance footage compiled from sources previously
obfuscated from Neurocam International.

To be precise, the DVD contained footage of Phase 1 of your most recent
assignment which does not match the angle, definition or design of the
footage recorded by Neurocam International’s Operations Division during
Phase 1. The organization is, thus, forced to assume that other parties
where present during Phase 1.

Maxwell Knight, Head of Neurocam International’s Human Resources Security
Division, is still attempting to determine the motive, and message, of
these parties. Once he is successful, Neurocam International will be more
ably positioned to further enlighten you in regards to this issue.

Warm Regards,

Charles Hastings
Head, Operations Division
Asia-Pacific Quadrant
Neurocam International
Other parties were present hey? Perhaps they were Sitting in a white van?

Perhaps you've seen them twice now guy... ;)

I do have to wonder about this renewed enthusiasm I've come across though, perhaps I should have checked the windows, maybe I've been 'neurocammed' ;)


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