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Monday, November 08, 2004

We all know that Bush won...

First things first. Why are people so against a full count? Seriously, you have a card. It has x number of boxes with no dent. One with a dent. The intent of that person was to vote for the politician with the dent...

But that's not why I'm linking to this

What I'm here to say is that the democrates need to learn from this. You have lost two elections now to people not punching there cards properly. Do something about it. Get the punchcard voting system out. Send fliers to people reminding them just what to look for to make sure their vote will count. Heck, go to peoples houses, knock on their doors and give them a damned example!


If you're lucky enough to have free and equal elections in 4 years time, please, put a little thought into this.


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