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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

O.K. Doctors are stupid.

"Hello, sorry about the long wait. we forgot about you."
"I was about to go home and saw you waiting there and the nurse said you were here for a while."

Yes. A while, if you consider 2 hours a while. Anyway, not off to a good start.

"So why have you come to see us today?"

First of all, he asked me to come and see him for a check up, second of all, he asked me to come in for an x-ray.

"An x-ray you say...you didn't get booked in for an x-ray, just a consultation with me..."

... huh?...

"What are you doing next Tuesday?"

So I have to go in next Tuesday. No great weights lifted, but at least I don't have a tube in my lung so... YaY.

No news from S. yet. Keep sending the love.


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