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Friday, January 09, 2004

Maybe I'll give him credit for this one...

Seems bush is creating a policy that is to allow illegal immigrants access to working visas. This is done on the basis that no America want the job. So it's working on the premise that yes, they will be shitty jobs, but at least you will have rights if your employer abuses you. If it is pulled off like this, then it sounds alright. However if it is just a scam to get illegal immigrants to sign up in order to collect a nice bunch of name for a quick "Bam, you're out", then I would be very disappointed. not surprised, just disappointed.

Edit: Wow. I'm amazed and impressed at the amount of Right sided blogs I have read recently how are pissed at this move by bush... That said, I wonder why he is doing it. He would have know that his flock wouldn't like this. Strange. The optimist in me wants me to believe that he's doing a good thing, the cynic in me is saying collecting a nice list.


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