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Sunday, June 19, 2005

So it's my new favorite game.

Specially since that Game of God seems to have... um, missed a payment on their web hosting... :(

Anyway, can I present the game I have been Beta-testing and all round doin' great in.


Ok, so it's actually called Cthulhu:Nation, but I've got an "in" joke with *that* reader and it's funny so laugh damn you all. laugh.

Ok, now that you're done laughing, this game is a bit like Gothador but it's all fresh and new with a more dynamic and pretty interface and no "big bads" running around on levels you could only dream of... (Cept for the "admin" guy, he'll knock you for six if you sneeze at him...)

So yeah, I've promised one of the creators, Vampirist, that I would get at least a hundred thousand people to go sign up, but you know, he'll prolly let me of the hook with the tens of people who read this blog :D.

So go, sign up. Have a little play.

And if you need a little help getting started, check the forums and Guide to Cthulhu.

New features and adventures are being added every week so sign up now and join the fun. :D


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