Braaaains... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS... heh...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

So, how's you all doing?

Any cases of crazy?

What about this kind of crazy? alternatively know as, when Ebay attacks, or more affectionately known as When Ebay goes wild.

Speaking of when Ebay goes wild... wait no, let me try that segway again, speaking of affectionately known as, we have a great mystery here at work.

You see, just recently, there has been a spate of some filthy gromit deciding that the bathroom wall is an excellent tissue. eeew, anyway, at the moment no one knows his identity and he is known as "booger", or affectionately, The Great Boogerino Bandito.

(Ok, so I'm the only one who calls him that, but I call him that affectionately...)

Speaking of Booger, does anyone remember the movie Revenge of the nerds? It had whatshisname in it... mumbley jo from ER... that doctor that everyone loved, well, that everyone loved *after* george left. Anthony Edwards, that's the one... anyway, where was I... oh yeah... nerds... and then I was going to segway to this game about magnets, don't ask me why, I guess nerds, magnets go together... don't they?

They don't go as well together as This game and driving you absolutley crazy, but hey, sometimes a segway just works other times it doesn't.

Speaking of segways not working... ah, forget it, just go and watch this and be amused at how easy it is for your brain to get exploited by the cheap equipment it uses to filter light...

Lousy cheap eyes...

hmmm... maybe it's a whole gang of banditos (and not the Frito variety) - ok, I don't really get this joke, I was just looking for the term for a gang of banditos and this made me laugh... not that I really get it though...

Anyways, enough ranting... I got work to do... or something like that.


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