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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

To blatantly steal from Solly...

Bucklebury wins 1st Shire Championship since 2004
MIRKWOOD - The Bucklebury Fairies became the Shire Conference champions for the first time since 2004 by defeating the reigning league champion Mirkwood Marauders in 5 games in the Two Towers Series. In Game 1, ace Fabur Beardcutter held Mirkwood bats in check and the bullpen stopped a late-inning rally to secure a 5-4 victory. Game 2 saw Bucklebury homers give the Faires an easy 7-2 win. In Game 3, the Fairies did more hitting and former Marauder, Denaumir Deneadur, held his old team to 1 run, as Bucklebury took a commanding 3-0 series lead. Mirkwood fought back in Game 4, winning a classic pitchers' duel with a bottom of the 9th RBI by Mohair Catsquisher. Finally, in Game 5, Torg Shinsnapper dominated Mirkwood, allowing no runs over 8.1 innings, and Scarlett Mawaan blasted 2 HR to win the title for Bucklebury.
...Excellent /pent fingers

Now, to the Return of the King series and Numenor.

These are the guys that beat us last time we were in the final. This time, it's personal... or somethin'...


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