Braaaains... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS... heh...

Monday, April 18, 2005

So... who else got one of these

Dear Operative Xade

Following a detailed assessment of your previously submitted assignment
reports and your conduct and performance during Neurocam Assignment NTC
– 5781/01 it has been determined that Neurocam International is not
currently prepared to offer you the opportunity for career advancement.

Neurocam International does, however, believe that you are still
capable of making a valuable contribution to the organization and
wishes to retain your services in the position of “entry-level field

Neurocam International appreciates your contributions thus far and
hereby assures you that you will be informed of all future career
advancement opportunities as they arise.


Bridget Fischer
Chief Executive Officer
Neurocam International
But man oh man, there has been a lot happening. There has been promotions, firings, intrigue. I'm gunna be reading all day just to catch up on where everyone is... unless someone wants to post a handy dandy all in one Neurocam pill for me to swallow... Teigan, I'm lookin' at you if you haven't already. :D

Oh, and Maxwell has stepped down... As Neo would say. Woah.


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