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Friday, April 15, 2005

WOO! Go Colony!!

Excellent! You have solved the challenge and earned 10 pts for team Les Saints de la Mer. Look for a new challenge tomorrow.
Join the colony.

Oh, and if anyone want's to see if we can solve it twice, try IZUNA DROP.

Ok, whoever just signed up, nice job

Welcome to the cause. It's a pleasure to have you here. :D

Don't forget people. 10498010.

Pass that number round. Sign up your friend, their families, their kids, their dogs, their dogs groomer, their dogs groomers wife, the guy that their dogs groomers wife is having an affair with. His wife, her kids, her kids friend "Betty", Betty's illigitimate miniture twin sister "Bitty", Bitty's "real" dad, his real wife, the original owners of her "real" breasts, his development team (including the delivery guys), but not the Bill, he kinda smells funny, what with all that delivering he's been doing. Bill's dealer is fine though, so if his dealers girl, her special lady friend, all of the people from her special lady friends judo team, their friends, their families, their kids, their dogs, their dogs groomers...

Heck, sign them up even if they ain't gunna play. The more the merrier :D


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