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Monday, September 06, 2004

I thought the Nigerian scammer got caught...


Though I spose if someone is on a good thing, you jump on the bandwagon...

And to that degree... Lets discuss... The Neuro Files (Also known as the nigerian email correspondence...

First of all.

August 15th. - "I know this now, will Mr. Hely be sharing from your own share of this transaction?"... So what's the deal with Mr. Hely's comments on the 17th.

Now, apart from that, it was good reading about Henley doing a bit of screwing the screwers... Though towards the end there is got very interesting.

Adrian Cale hey... Sounds important.
Howard Grant? I'm curious as to why this has never come up before, perhaps it wasn't deemed nessecary?

It doesn't really explain what actually happen to Henley though, I mean, he's gone.

He's still gone and this correspondence has been going on since well after he disappeared.

So is he just keeping a low profile? Has he gone somewhere else? Is all this forged? Nikolay, I'm sure you read this, any comments?

EDIT: Also, I wonder how this relates to the guy in the purple... I wonder which one of these new names belonged to him, if any...


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