Braaaains... BRAAAIIINNNSSSS... heh...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Not bad for someone who knew nothing about baseball...

Congratulations to Xade and Bucklebury for winning the Dwarf Division!!


Oh yeah, I'm doin' the Fairie shuffle.

*a-woo pu ta! a-woo pu ta!*

There's lots of fun to be had over at the ol SCGBL, and if you want to be part of the fun, there are a couple of teams up for grabs.

Gondolin needs a good home. They are looking to finish out of the playoffs this year, but with a little love'n, maybe a little luck in the FA, you could really turn these guys into contenters next year. (Or maybe the year after...)

Carrock are in the same boat as Gondolin, 'cept they have a couple of descent journeymen that would go a long way in securing the prospect needed to become a challenger. The only problem is that you'll be competing with Us, Bree and Moria for a playoff position... not an easy task. ;)

Dunharrow and Dol Guldur are both in the same boat. They're at the bottom of the ladder. The polite term to use is that they're going through a re-building phase. Which they are, they both have excellent prospects and again, a little loving could see these guys being contenters in a shortish* amount of time.

Anyways, if you feel like maybe this is your thing, and I know, we are a crazy pack of nerds, but yeah, you might want to send an email off to the ever loveable and cuddly Commish. He'll set you right.

And then flame me for calling him cuddly...


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