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Saturday, December 18, 2004

I sure you have all read the latest...

from Grahams

And his stories of a briefcase...

I just thought I would tell you about mine...

Like Graham, I got an email from Severus asking me to hold onto something for him.

I then got the following

7-11, corner Elizabeth and Franklin, midday Saturday Dec. 11

Silver briefcase with black corners

Now, for those who do know, Elizabeth and Franklin cross right in the middle of the Queen Vic Market. Due to the high volume of traffic that would be walking past, I assumed I would be meeting somebody. I had hoped it would be Iocus himself, though I spose that would be a little ambitious of me...

So anyway, Off I head down to the Vic. Traffic was a killer and I wound up a good 10 minutes late. I did drive past at 12 while looking for the park though and saw a woman standing there. With a silver briefcase. with black corners.

I found a park a ran as fast as I could to meet this mysterious woman, while simultaniously trying to attach me Neurocam signifier. I arrived on the corner. I said Hi, she said hello, gave me the briefcase and walked away. The strangest thing is that I couldn't put an age on her. Were I asked I would have to tick the 24-40 box... But then I'm bad with judging age so hey what can you do.

So that was that, (oh Jo picked up a kitten from the market, but that is for a different post).

So I got home and again, like Graham I got an email titled: Neurocam Assignment NCI-4351/02.

The basic outlay was to deliver this briefcase to an operative by the name of YellowHelix.

We ended up making the exchange at Federation Square. I had to duck out of work to return the "briefcase a mate left at my house". I made the exchange with a pretty young lass who was more than happy to take a few happy snaps as proof of delivery.

Image Hosted by The Image Hosting

And that was it. The parcel was delivered.

Oh and YellowHelix, two things. Firstly, if you want me to take the picture down, let me know. Secondly. You know bond right? remember his number?


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