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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sorry fellas. But let me fill you in on what's going on.

Bucklebury, The Conquering Heros.


Bree, The Arch Nemisis.

Top of the 12th after we scored the tying run in the 8th. 2 runs a piece.

Batting: Bree, top of 12th.
Pitching: Imrohil Haleogast
New pitcher: Kar Silverskull.
1B Gandaugrin Gamaiborn:
Popped out to the catcher.
2B Arwildoc Belebrindil:
Base on balls.
New pitcher: Sourk Legripper.
DH Duuk Braingobber:
Belebrindil steals second.
Intentional walk.
RF Noilin Ringcrusher:
SINGLES to the gap in right-center.
A. Belebrindil to third.
D. Braingobber to second.
Belebrindil tries to score...
He scores without a throw.
3B Pruugor Hearteater:
Flies out to right-center.
CF Rosil Shieldmover:
Flies out down the left field line.
Inning over... one run, one hit, no errors.
Score: Bree 3, Bucklebury 2




Batting: Bucklebury, bottom of 12th.
Pitching: Smaugorn Shegorn
C Srukor Mandicer:
Grounds out to the shortstop.
DH Sarkor Galuwyn:
Reaches on a fielding error by the shortstop.
3B Minto Foxburr:
SINGLES down the left field line.
S. Galuwyn to second.
2B Isseen Elarar:
Hit by pitch.
S. Galuwyn to third.
M. Foxburr to second.
PH Galelob Freahir:
GRAND SLAM HOMERUN to deep center field. (432 feet)
Game over. Score: Bucklebury 6, Bree 3
Thanks for coming to the ballpark!

Now, back to our regular scheduel.


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