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Monday, October 04, 2004

ohhh, Neurocamy goodness.

Tonight I learnt a few things.

Firstly. When you lose your car keys it can turn a 10 minute drive into an hour and a half epic on public transport.

Secondly. The distance between Nicholson St. and Brunswick St. is much farther than I remember.

Thirdly. Taxi drivers are stupid.

Anyway, onto the adventure. I had a 10 minute window to pick up a folder containing contents unknown. Taped to the underside of a bench. In the middle of a park. In the dark.

So. as I was saying, taxi drivers are stupid, this one, no exception (ok, I'm gunna apologise to all you taxi drivers out there, I know you aren't all stupid, just the stupid ones.), he took me to the wrong park. Now, with my ten minute window, the clock was ticking, so I got the guy to hot-foot it to the right park.

Once there, I got him to drop me off at the park, he must of been so suspicious. Sus guy, dropped at the middle of a park he has never been to. In the middle of the night. And no site of the 'guy he is 'sposed to be meeting' (ok, so I told the driver an elaborate excuse as to why I wanted to be dropped off in the middle of a park in the middle of the night).

So where was I... oh yeah, middle of a sus park. middle of the night. Dark. I walked up to the park bench and felt around. I found the package pretty quickly, taped to the bottom of the bench as it was.

A manilla envelope with a small lump and the word XADE written across the front. (Something told me it was for me...). Anyway, I had strict instructions to wait a certain amount of time before opening said envelope.

"Oh god, it's the wait I can't stand" was the only quote I could think of during this wait. Ah Futurama, how I love you.

So the time comes around. I open the envelope and find a set of instructions for my next assignment. Now, I can't elaborate on the details due to the possible actions of a rival establishment, needless to say I will inform you all of what happens when it does.

I mentioned before that there was a small lump in the envelope. A pendant, well that's what it was described as, in reality it was a badge. The badge was emblazened with the new and improved Neurocam corporate logo. (One which I would show you, but I don't have a scanner.). Which must be worn at all times during Neurocam assignments to distingush me as a Neurocam agent.

So. That's about it. I'll keep you all informed of things when I can.

Oh, one more thing. I've been promised an impending promotion. ohh... that's exciting.


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