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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Neurocam. The CD.

Going back to the start of all this when I first read about it on Tripts website and I got 'that' email, Neurocam's vision seemed to be Neurocam seeks to exploit recent developments in Neurological programming to remotely subvert will. I wonder if this is still the case....?! - Quilly.

This question was posed recently by one Mr Quilly. Suspiciously recently if you ask me... ;)

But supspicions aside. That is exactly what the C.D was about. A Mac based interactive media thingy that described Neurocam. The Headpiece.

The thing about it was though, I've heard it all before, "Neurocam’s transparent head-stem contains micro-circuitry that links hundred of processors in series to create a data rate of 265 megabytes/sec. This speed is required to activate the headset’s millions of electro-pulse generators which send electrical information to specific points on the NEURAL LACE SENSOR NET SYSTEM.".

Basically, somebody else had this C.D. They had it back in March.

They also describe it's contents a lot better than I will. Go have a read.

Anyways, the headset seems to be a device that can record and project experience directly to and from the brain... Which is definitly an exciting prospect. And if I ever get the chance to wear one, providing it doesn't explode the head of the guy offering it to me, than hell yeah, I'm putting it on.

I do have to wonder as to what has happened with Neurocam over the past six months though. It started with this sus Neurocam, then it seemed that Robert Henley went renogade, and then there was a whole heap of Y1 wierdness. Then henley disappeared and the Neurocam contacts all changed up. Now it's back to where it started. Only with completely different players...

Either way, I'm looking forward to what will happen next.

Oh, And if you are just turning into the Neurocam experience, I can offer you a whole heap of reading...

Firstly, Tript's archive of neurocam experience. This one had the advantage of being dated.

Secondly, Neurocam has set up an archive of posts from all the players involved. Most of this one is dated... Not all of it though.

It's been running for a long time... Enjoy.


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