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Monday, January 05, 2004

Now lets get this started.

Even before I get the time to change those linky things on the right there... you know, the ones that say "google news" and "Edit-Me", I might tell you all just a little bit about myself. A small taste if you will.

With this being the internet, I should do the whole A/S/L thing, Ha.

How about this. I'll start a comp. If anybody can guess my asl, they will win a "prize"...

What I will tell you all1 is this. I have a beautiful fiance' (sorry ladies) and a beautiful baby girl.

I've been a blogStalker for ages now. Figured, hey. Maybe it is time I actually gave something back to the blogging community. (Plus, it doesn't look THAT hard...).

Over the last few years I've had the honor of stalking Solonor. From Solonor's Ink Well - One day I'll make The ListTM... either that or it could be extended to a list of the top 1000 maybe?... 10,000? how 'bout making a special category?. Sorta like some kind of "Drag a loser newbie blogger out of the gutter out of the depths of blogging obscurity into the lime light" category. or is that the point of the Aortal thing? who knows.

Ok. who else do I stalk... let me see... looking through the list...

My favorite blogger on all things ShrubCo, Scott. From The Gamer's Nook. always an excellent read. Plus, he came number 1 on The ListTM

That moves me on to Les. The Stupid Evil Bastard Which I always read as Stupid Vile Bastard... stupid brain. WORK PROPERLY DAMN IT!!! Now, for some reason, I'm always thinking that Les is Scotts evil brother. I have no idea why I have this idea, prolly something to do with the brain properly work not. Anyways, for all your religous and secular needs... and I mean ALL of them. This guy is your man.

moving to the next stalkee on the list and... wait a minute, wasn't this supposed to be about me... me me me me me!
*mental note: make one of those "other blogs" lists down the side and stop wasting everybodys2 time.

I think I'm gonna make on of those list down the side... when I have the time.

P.S. this blogging business is fun.

1: and by all I mean the poor sucker/s who comes to this site thinking it contains something to do with the Paris Hilton Sex Tape or Brittney. I wonder why they would think that...
2: See 1. Or maybe you came here looking for hot girl on girl action. again, sorry. can't help you.


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